Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ugly Pinky Jumpsuits, among other things

Salutations devoted readers! Please stay tuned for a Stitch n Bitch update! First, I'd like to share some exciting personal news. The day after finishing my last blog post, in which I whined about not knowing what to do after graduation, I received an email that would result in exciting graduate school plans.

I've been accepted as a graduate student in the lab of Howard Whiteman at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. (Save your Kentucky jokes for someone else!) During my time in the Whiteman lab I'll be working towards my Masters in Watershed Science. My research will involve the role played by tiger salamanders in a stream food web. The particular stream I'll be working in is located at the High Lonesome Ranch in western Colorado. Less than two weeks after graduation I'll be heading to Colorado to begin the field season. I'm am so thrilled that I was offered this position and can't wait to get started! I'm sure I'll be taking lots of yarn with me to keep myself preoccupied during downtime. (Good knitting segue, no?)

And now for some SnB pictures!

Clara has proven to be quite the entrepreneur. She's been selling "Ugly Pinky Jumpsuits" to her classmates so they can cover their least important fingers. They are selling like hotcakes!
Clara modeling two UPJ
Kat has returned to knitting with a vengeance. In addition to working on a sweater for herself (finally!), she turned out these adorable felted bunny slippers. Kat has proven to be a more reliable blogger than yours truly, so I encourage you to check out her many projects over on her blog

Adorable. In-progress sweater in lap! 
 Kat and her friend Lauren are currently enrolled in a printmaking class. They've been wowing us with a few of their recent projects.

Lauren's creation. Drawn with a BIC pen!

A print by Kat. 

 During Wednesday's meeting a representative from the Residence Hall Association stopped by to tell us about an event they're hosting this week. This Wednesday and Thursday they'll be holding blanket making events in the Georgian Rooms from 12-3pm. The blankets will be donated to Project Linus, which provides blankets to children in need. On Wednesday the event will be in Georgian Room B and on Thursday it will be moved to Georgian Room A. They will have sewing machines and fabric available. You can also drop off your knitted or crocheted creation (measuring roughly 36"x40").

Before I leave you, here's a shot of an (alleged) Southern Bog Lemming we trapped during my mammalogy field trip this weekend. It was so calm and sweet!