Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hip-hop violinist is not hip-hop. Or a violinist.

Everyone. Mark this day in your calendar. This is the day I make my first Truman Stitch 'n' Bitch blog post! Cue the celebration!

I did a happy dance. I hope your celebrations were of a similar nature.

I have yet to get the hang of a focused blog. I keep a personal blog and it's more of a journal-type blog, you know, just my thoughts and stuff. Except my brain jumps all over the place, so the topics of my blog do likewise. I will try to keep it together for this particular group of readers, though.

We had our first meeting of the semester this past Tuesday night. We had to relocate ourselves because our usual meeting place was being taken over by the audience of a visiting performer (refer to title above). So our meeting conversations were punctuated with frenzies of violin (that was maybe not a violin, according to Kat's musical instrument expertise, or at least violin expertise) and bursts of applause. Never fear, we knit on!

I promise my pictures will be better in subsequent blog posts. I somehow convinced myself that taking sneaky pictures would be a good idea. Really, they are just rather unexciting. The subject matter, on the other hand, is lovely. Just so that's out there.

Dr. Shapiro (am I allowed to call her Mary? I don't know. Not going to risk it.) and Clara knitting up a storm.

It doesn't appear that Madeline is knitting at the moment of this picture snappage. Untangling yarn perhaps.

I believe at this point of the night Kat was looking up the origins of the word cahoots. We had a unexpectedly long discussion about it.

This is a picture of the project I'm reluctantly working on. Can anybody guess?
While all those were valiant efforts, I will just say: golf club covers.

In my defense.... Well, I don't have much to say in my defense. My father asked me to work on these over the summer, but between an obnoxiously filled schedule and a complete lack of desire to knit yet another set, they didn't get done. This is the sad progress I made on the first of four covers--over the course of a few months, mind you. He mentioned paying me for them if I finished them before I go back to school, but clearly that didn't get done. So I'm not sure if that means I'm no longer getting paid for this set or what. Updates to follow.

Tuesdays, SUB Hub, 7:00PM. BE THERE!