Monday, September 16, 2013

Short and Sweet

This particular entry isn't going to be very long, which has something to do with the duration of my attendance last week and something else to do with the rather intimate gathering we had again. I wasn't able to stay very long at last week's meeting, but I did manage to snap a few pictures while I was there.

Here's Kat working diligently on her super long, super colorful socks. Which reminds me: I need to get back into some sock knitting. But I've already got a few projects lined up this semester, so who knows when that will happen again?

And Dr. Shapiro and Clara of course, neither of whom appear to be doing anything yarn related. Although, Dr. Shapiro was texting Madeline, who was doing something work related. That's the only detail I succeeded at gleaning from my brief interactions last week.

My head cover is at least showing some progress from the first (and only) picture I posted; however, I have yet to dignify said (slow) progress with a picture. I also need to find some more time to work on those outside of SnB because clearly an hour a week is not enough to make sufficient progress on these. My dad might not see these until next golf season. I think he might cry a little bit on the inside if that ends up being the case. So I'm going to make better efforts.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I don't know how this got in my ball of yarn, but that is not my hair.

Clearly, as one can see by the title, we had some rogue hairs at Tuesday's meeting. One of which found itself wound into Kat's yarn ball. As one of my friends would say, "I have very social hair." However, the owner of this social hair is, as of yet, unknown.

Our group was rather small and intimate this week. Madeline had either a migraine or a head cold, but either way: I hope she has long since been feeling better!

A very adorable picture of Kat working on the mate to this very long (and cute) sock:
She uses lots of bright colors and I'm a huge fan. Can't wait for that rainbow sweater to make an appearance this year!

I think at this point Clara is casting on. For a project whose identity is currently undecided. In Kat's words "Clara is a very conceptual knitter."
Also! She pulled out a small rectangular "I just had this in my bag" piece of knitted-ness and used it as a lap blanket. I was a big fan.
This picture looks like I creeped on her. And I kind of did. Although, I'm fairly certain she was aware this picture was being taken. And by fairly certain, I mean it could go either way.

[On an unrelated note, I was just deafened by a fire engine going by my apartment. I just woke up a half an hour ago and I struggle in the morning, so I'm extremely discombobulated now. Just FYI, in case I start spouting nonsense in the remainder of this blog.]

Like mother, like daughter, Dr. Shapiro came to join us later in the meeting and informed me that she is also unaware of the identity of her knitting project. It looks really soft, though. I restrained myself from going over to pet it.
She decided this picture of her, with the knitting needle in mouth, was an accurate description of her life as a knitter. I agreed.

And then Lauren graced us with her presence and I captured this very adorable picture of her. I'm rather proud. Although, my friend so wonderfully told me once, a photographer only has the opportunity to capture beauty, never create.
She is working on her very first sweater!! What an exciting undertaking. I am anxious to see how this turns out. I want to make a sweater at some point.

But that would mean I need to finish making head covers for my father. OH MY GOSH. He told me these were the last set. I don't know if he means it, but I do. Driving me crazy. I thought about taking a picture of my project, but the cover looks just about the same as it did last week....

Also I'm going to bring my actual camera to the rest of the meetings. I tried to convince myself my phone would take decent pictures, but I'm rather unsatisfied with them. This blog needs quality, darn it!