How did Truman Stitch 'n Bitch begin?

To make a long and hilarious story concise and mildly entertaining, when Alex (then a Student Advisor) ran a program about knitting, Madeline (employed by University Counseling) asked if she could attend.

Truman Stitch 'n Bitch Founding Members (from top to bottom) Alex and Madeline. 

They began to meet for knitting and for a year, the Stitch 'n Bitch group remained small. Usually just the two of them, with occasional appearances by Jordan I.

Then one day a girl showed up. Let's just say her name was Kaylin. She had been knitting alone in her dorm room for a year, trying to get the nerve to attend the Stitch 'n Bitch meetings she had seen posters for. Finally, one Thursday evening, she worked up the courage to attend. At first Kaylin was quiet during meetings, amazed by Alex and Madeline's superior knitting ability and quick-witted humor. It wasn't long though, before she felt like a true member of SnB, voting privileges and all.

The group size remained stable. Jordan I was granted voting privileges when he successfully recruited Jordan II, but those privileges were quickly revoked due to poor attendance.  As the group split for summer break, no one could imagine the changes in SnB's future.

That fall, SnB became Kaylin's job. Through increased advertising and word-of-mouth, the group began to grow. When someone commented on Kaylin's knitting in class, she would immediatly respond with, "Come to Stitch 'n Bitch this week! I will teach you."

And she does. If fact, she'll teach you how to knit. Just come to one of the weekly meetings.