Thursday, April 7, 2011

Havin' Fun Isn't Hard, When You've Got A Library Card!

My apologies, I've been a negligent blogger. I just haven't felt much like knitting this week (hey, I'm human after all!). In fact, it took me five days to put a thumb on a pair of mittens. I agree that April might be a little late in the season for mittens, but my sister didn't seem to care.

Can you see where I messed up?

Definitely sewed together more stitches at the end of one mitten so the tops are different widths. I currently lack the motivation to take the Kitchener stitch out and fix my mistake and I honestly don't think she'll care. I used to be the type of knitter that would be really bothered by my mistake and would have pulled out the top of one of the mittens immediately. Perhaps that part of me will be back next week.

Clara started a new project. I'm in love with the loftiness of the yarn she's using for her new cowl. She has to be the coolest 9-year-old I know.

Bonus points if you can spot the Madeline.

Before settling down to study for a few hours in the library this afternoon, I made a quick stop in my favorite section. Any guesses which section that was? Why, yes, it was the knitting section!

The knitting books are tucked away on the 3rd floor in the northeast corner. It's sort of "out of the way" and I'm always afraid that my life will suddenly turn into a scene from a sitcom and I'll awkwardly interrupt some couple's passionate embrace. Just like this scene from Friends

Thankfully my path to the knitting books has yet to be blocked by entwined undergrads. I was able to easily track down my favorites to share with you. Judging by the binding style of the crafting collection, I'm guessing many of the books were added around twenty years before my birth.

To get started, who could forget the two greatest knitting books of 1988?

Cat Knits has to be the greatest book in the library. I challenge you to find a book that can make me happier.

Cat Knits. Meow.

Yes, the sardines are 3-D. Go find this book. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Classic British Knits, the second 1988 winner, is also memorable.

Just look at that colorwork! And perm!

The book is full of ordinary Brits doing ordinary British things. Like knitting after ballet practice (I only practice ballet in handknit sweaters, don't you?)

Truthfully, I really do like some of the cabled cardigans.
Mine will just be a little more fitted.

I've only glanced at the sewing section, but this book caught my eye:

Complete Book of Tailoring For Women Who Like To Sew
If you are a man, child, animal, or women who does not like to sew, picking up this book is ill advised.

The library also has a respectable section of books on macramé.

Practical Macramé

Curious what qualifies as "practical macramé?" I was too.

A Hairy Purse=Practical

A Macramé Bikini=Practical (yes, a twine bathing suit)

Don't want patterns to hold you back? Have big macramé dreams? Nobody puts Baby in a corner?! Well, I've found the book for you.

Do Your Own Thing With Macramé

Did you know that Pickler Memorial Library has over two shelves of weaving books?

Surely this is an important topic. I never knew weaving had so many facets!

There's no shortage of regional weaving books, that's certain.

There are also several books with patterns I would actually like to knit.

Men's Knits is full of modern knitwear designs and British men. A deadly combination, to be sure. It makes me wish my father was more receptive to receiving hand knits, since he is the only man of sweater status in my life (see: Sweater Curse).

I can forgive Pickler Memorial Library for all of its strange book selections, though. It just takes one book by the knitting rock star Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Knitting Without Tears

Take home lesson: Havin' fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card!

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