Monday, March 28, 2011

The Doctor Will See You Now

I finished my shawlette! (I really hate saying "shawlette." People sometimes think I'm trying to say Charlotte. From now on I'm saying "hip triangular scarf" instead.)

The pattern is Multnomah and the yarn (I doubt I need to remind you) was inspired by the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith (if you are very confused, go watch Doctor Who before continuing). I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out! I gave it a quick soak and let it dry in the only acceptable place in my dorm room: my bed.

Finished Soakin'

Of course, I didn't actually block it until 4:00 in the afternoon so I forced myself to stay up fairly late to ensure optimal drying.

Yes I have a bunk bed. Don't judge me.

I can't help thinking how much I'd like to see Matt Smith wear my "Matt Smith Hip Triangular Scarf". He seems like the stylish sort of fellow who could pull off a pink lace scarf.

Golly, it looks like he already has.

Jordan II also finished a hip triangular scarf recently. I'm a big fan of the lace patterns.

Kassie is nearly finished with a huge baby blanket. I applaud her. Crocheting the trim on a hat last week was enough for me.

I also made significant progress on the colorwork hat I mentioned in the last post. In fact, I finished it. Unfortunately, I kept thinking my friend had a really big head while I was knitting it. "Knit just a little bit more. His head is huge," I kept telling myself. Imagine my suprise when I realized his head was quite normal in size the next time I saw him. Here I was knitting a hat that would fit Jimmy Neutron when he really had a normal sized head all along. Consequently, I'm now reknitting the bottom portion of the hat to get a better fit. The lesson is this: always know the size of your friends' heads relative to your own. If I appear to be sizing up your head the next time we meet, I probably am.


  1. Love the small, hip, triangular shawl; can't wait to see it in real life on Wednesday!