Saturday, September 25, 2010

Have You Heard of Meatscapes?

Those posters really got the job done. We had over ten people last Tuesday, not to mention the paparazzi. Okay, maybe it was just one reporter. From the Index. Without a camera. It still means I'm closer to realizing my dream of gracing the pages of the school paper (police blotter excluded).

I would have taken a picture of our huge group, but I forgot my camera. If I keep this up I'll never make it as a blogger. Towards the end of our meeting I was was talked into snapping a few shots with my camera phone. When I say "talked into" I mean Allison demanded to be pictured in the blog. As she wishes.

She's working on her first pair of socks. Exciting stuff!

Of course, I can't mention Allison without mentioning her love of Meatscapes. Why, what is a meatscape? Well crawl out from the rock you must live under and check out this link.

Occasionally, people bring crafts other than knitting to SnB. This is completely acceptable. I know a few of us are still waiting to see some practical macramé. Kat switched things up this week by working on an Alice in Wonderland costume that promises to be amazing. She was hand embroidering the details on the hemline of the dress, so technically she was stitching.
It's going to be hard to top her Halloween costume.

I swear I'm getting closer to finishing the shawl I've been working on. I spent a significant amount of time correcting a foolish mistake. I guess with all the new people I was knitting distracted. Lesson learned. I may be a capable knitter, but I'm not accomplished enough to go on autopilot.

Why I showed off some subpar knitting skills this week, Alex displayed his baking prowess. His chocolate on chocolate creation was a delight.

Let's hope this baking trend is continued at the next meeting.
No pressure Alex. But seriously.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Swap That Yarn!

Our little knitting circle is quickly expanding! In the past two weeks we've acquired THREE new knitters.

Jordan III was led to SnB by word-of-mouth.
It was a serendipitous meeting, to say the least.

Hey! They're new too!

Considering the amount of posters I've hung up and all the people I've personally spoken to, our numbers may continue to grow. It's beginning to seem like I'm only in other clubs so that I can meet people to invite to Stitch 'n Bitch. That made me wonder, how many people could we feasibly knit with at one time? Will we have to break off into smaller knitting groups? Will there be a Stitch 'n Bitch schism?! Enough about my unfounded fears, let's look at some pretty pictures from the yarn swap!

So many choices!!!

Sure, we look friendly, but don't be fooled.
There's serious yarn-lust tension right under the surface.

I don't know if Alex looks pleased because of his newly acquired yarn or because he's finally rid of that single skein of chunky alpaca.

Looks like someone is going to have some good Purple Fridays soon.

Just look at that joy! It's like Christmas morning.

Although I have plans for all my yarn, first up is some socks with my new Tonks colorway (*cough*thanksMadeline*cough*)

I leave you with a picture of Alex's handspun creation. Can you believe how even the yarn is?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We're back, baby!

Two weeks into classes, and we've had two successful SnB meetings! I've also been placing snazzy posters all over campus. Here's a less than ideal shot of one of those posters:

I've been fighting a losing battle for good advertising space in the library. Every time I check, the poster has either been moved to calf level or is gone all together. These poster tamperers don't know who they're messing with.

Moving away from my battle waged with push-pins, let's talk about some knitting! As requested, Alex brought his Elizabeth Zimmermann cardigan. It's even better than I imagined! In all my excitement, I failed to get a shot of his work in progress. After a bit of potentially tense steeking, Alex should be able to model his fabulous FO for us.

Speaking of finished objects, Madeline snapped a picture of a sock she completed during SnB:

I was also the lucky recipient of a spectacular shawl Alex competed this summer called Merope:

Aren't I lucky!? The yarn and lace pattern are both sensational. I'm ready for winter to take icy hold of Kirksville so I can wear my new shawl. All. The. Time.

I'm working on a shawl myself. It's a much simpler design. It's appropriately called "Simple Things." It's intended for my friend Emily who turns 20 in December. I may only be able to wait until the first frost to give it to her. I've always been an impatient gift giver.

In other knitting news, Jordan is working on her first sweater! I shot this stealthy picture last week:

Our inaugural yarn swap is next week. The parameters are simple:
  1. Bring yarn from your stash you no longer want
  2. Take yarn other people no longer want
Presumably, everyone will be leaving with as much yarn as they brought.

Okay, that's all the knitting news. As you all know, we don't just knit during meetings. The following received our "Stitch 'n Bitch Seal of Approval."

  • This unbelievably catchy song.

  • Knitting and other craft monstrosities found at Regretsy.

Less than 72 hours until the next SnB meeting. I'm eager to see if our advertising attracts any new members!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

With the help of graphic guru Katie Best, this will soon be the most amazing knitting related blog Truman has ever seen.