Saturday, September 25, 2010

Have You Heard of Meatscapes?

Those posters really got the job done. We had over ten people last Tuesday, not to mention the paparazzi. Okay, maybe it was just one reporter. From the Index. Without a camera. It still means I'm closer to realizing my dream of gracing the pages of the school paper (police blotter excluded).

I would have taken a picture of our huge group, but I forgot my camera. If I keep this up I'll never make it as a blogger. Towards the end of our meeting I was was talked into snapping a few shots with my camera phone. When I say "talked into" I mean Allison demanded to be pictured in the blog. As she wishes.

She's working on her first pair of socks. Exciting stuff!

Of course, I can't mention Allison without mentioning her love of Meatscapes. Why, what is a meatscape? Well crawl out from the rock you must live under and check out this link.

Occasionally, people bring crafts other than knitting to SnB. This is completely acceptable. I know a few of us are still waiting to see some practical macramé. Kat switched things up this week by working on an Alice in Wonderland costume that promises to be amazing. She was hand embroidering the details on the hemline of the dress, so technically she was stitching.
It's going to be hard to top her Halloween costume.

I swear I'm getting closer to finishing the shawl I've been working on. I spent a significant amount of time correcting a foolish mistake. I guess with all the new people I was knitting distracted. Lesson learned. I may be a capable knitter, but I'm not accomplished enough to go on autopilot.

Why I showed off some subpar knitting skills this week, Alex displayed his baking prowess. His chocolate on chocolate creation was a delight.

Let's hope this baking trend is continued at the next meeting.
No pressure Alex. But seriously.

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