Friday, January 13, 2012

The beginning of the end!

Okay, so that title might be a little overdramatic. It is true though. On Wednesday night Stitch 'n Bitch met for the first time this semester. For me, it's the last  first SnB of my college career. But I'll save the sap until May. Before then I still need to hang posters, teach a bunch of people how to knit, and figure out who's going to continue the blog after my graduation. There are several possibilities (I'm still waiting on your guest post Clara! You're nearly 11 so I'm going to treat you like an adult!) but right now I'm going to try to pressure Katharine into it.

Katharine is the quiet, diligent sort of knitter at SnB. If last week is any indication, I'm the sort of knitter that talks so much that I don't get any knitting done.
Knitting diligently, as usual.
And let's be honest, the girl gets stuff done. Katharine may tell you that I taught her how to knit, but in reality I think I showed her the knit and purl stitch a few times. She was the perfect first pupil and has started to surpass her teacher. Take Katharine's latest creation, for example.

Blanket perfection

Notice how in the second picture I appear in a shadow while Katharine is lit brightly. The knitting gods have spoken! In an attempt to get my act together, I just downloaded the stole pattern discussed previously. It's go time.

There were a few other projects completed over break by other knitters.

Katharine II crocheted this little bag. I'm a big fan of the blue.

Madeline knitted her own Wurm. It looked infinitely better than my own. Likely because she actually had the amount of yarn called for.

I'd like to retract the "not cold enough for handknits" comment I made in the last post. One of you blabbed to Kirksville and it brought on the Kirksville winter I know and fear. A recent trip out of the house to see friends began with dumping all of my handknit accessories out on the bed for inspection. 

I have to admit this is a favorite task. I try several combinations and then spend some time admiring the rest. It makes the winter a bit easier to suffer through. 

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