Monday, February 27, 2012

30 minute power post!

Hello! Prepare for another 30min procrastination blog post!

First let's look at a bunch of projects other knitters at SnB have finished!

Katherine's perfectly slouchy hat.

Kat brought in some silk she dyed with indigo.
This one was my favorite. 

Some of the knitted squares Clara and Mary made for the animal shelter!

Clara in her new sweater! Awesome work! (And props to Mary for seaming the whole thing)

Jordan III, Pom-Pom Queen

Mary acting nonchalant, but in reality barely tolerating the musical guest that took over the SUB and made conversation near impossible at the last meeting. 

I have nothing new to add to the finished projects photo stream right now because 1) I still have not bought blocking wires for the stole (snowy conditions meant I had to drive right through Columbia without any stops) 2) My sister has been finicky about her hat.

I suppose that's not being fair. She wasn't being intentionally finicky. I will say that when someone sends you two pictures of the same hat with varying degrees of slouch and you say "The first one," make sure the picture shown first is actually the one you meant. When I showed up at her apartment for my birthday visit I probably only had an hour of knitting left. When I let her take a look, she mentioned she wanted the finished hat to be extra slouchy. I blinked a few times before reminding her that the picture she indicated was actually the less slouchy version. Texts were reviewed to see who was correct (yours truly). To make a long story involving the location of extra yarn and annoying decreases very short, Jackie didn't get her hat that weekend. To pacify her, I gave her an extra hat I had with me. I actually made two of these suckers since the pattern was so fun and I had extra yarn. After spending five minutes deciding if she liked it, Jackie finally came 'round when she realized the colorwork made little hearts. I believe her exact words were, "THERE ARE HEARTS ON IT!?!?"
Content with her substitute hat. We are now non-matching twins with matching hats. 
Time to get back to my mammalogy review. I must admit I'm more of a fan of invertebrates, but I see the importance of certain mammals, if only for their contributions to the yarn industry.

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