Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In lieu of other things

I forgot to bring my camera to Stitch n' Bitch this week. I even forgot to bring my back-up camera, and my phone was dead. Imagine! So I don't have updates to current yarn projects, but I do have some evidence of yarn-y awesomeness nonetheless, and her name is Clara:

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's the ever amazing Clara, who has attached a zillion handmade pom-poms to the ceiling of her bedroom! Makes my lousy glow-in-the-dark stars look completely lame. (Which really they are, because if you're supposed to be sleeping but your desk light is still on, and then you hear your mom coming to check on you and you turn off your light, and really quick jump in to bed, the glow in the dark stars betray you, because the ones around your desk are particularly charged and therefore extra glow-y....) Anyways. These pompoms show no signs of betrayal, so Clara is probably okay.

Meanwhile, you're going to have to take my word for what went on at Stitch n' Bitch because I have no pictorial evidence. Clara has extended her sock-thing past leg length (what it is now is anyone's guess...a very skinny sleeping bag, maybe? or maybe the statue of liberty's feet are particularly cold this winter). Mary is knitting experimental yarn things with yarn from Paris- she doesn't know what the yarn wants to be yet. I didn't pet it or look closely, but it looked pretty french from where I was. Katharine is making excellent progress on her sweater (more excellent than my progress, but we'll get to that), and Jordan (Whose last name I now know) has...drumroll please.... FINISHED THE LAST OF THE HEAD COVERS! Except that her dad has recently bought a new set of golf clubs. First, he is a crazy person, second, he apparently bought the golf clubs to match a golf shirt that she bought him, which is even more crazy, and third, he seems to be expecting obligatory matching golf club cozies for this set as well. Jordan is currently working on a hat, as well she should. Madeline skipped Stitch n' Bitch last night to watch the presidential debates, but she has promised us that she will be displaying not one, but two new sweaters! So I definitely have to remember my camera next week.

In yarn-bomb preparation news, I have completely forgotten to ask Dave if I can cover one of the pillars in the Hub with granny squares, on the six or more occasions I have seen him since the conception of that idea. Even, in fact, one occasion where he asked me if there was "anything else I could think of that I wanted to ask him"....I'll remember next time. Or the time after that.

There's this thing that's happened to me this week, and I'm not at all a fan of it, and I think that I might actually implode (or explode, really, any sort of thing like that) if this thing is not rectified soon. It's a very bad thing: I have not knit anything since Saturday. That makes three whole days with not so much as a single stitch knitted-that's how busy I've been. Even now, the only reason I have decided there is time to blog, is because I am procrastinating on writing a paper. Like I said, there might be some kind of implosion soon. I think the rush is almost over, though, and hopefully I'll get some knitting time this weekend. Hopefully.
So what did I do at Stitch n' Bitch this week then? Well I'm glad you asked. I worked on homework. There was stitching involved, though, and probably some bitching as well. I bound a little over half of my hand-printed books for printmaking class with a method called 'Japanese stab stitching'- which really is not a very accurate title, considering you pre-drill the holes. It's really more like a 'Japanese poke a needle through pre-existing holes to make fancy patterns stitching' My book is about a dog my family used to have named Tinkerbelle, and all of the silly/memorable things that she did. Well, some of the things, at least, because I couldn't make the book as long as I wanted. There are 18 copies, because there had to be enough for everyone in the class... The books are really massive projects, and they have been eating my knitting time alive, but I'm turning them in tomorrow, so maybe my knitting time will come back to me. Also the 'surprise' take-home-paper-test-thing that was assigned today and is due tomorrow is done, so bonus points for me!

Way back in the day, when I still had knitting time, I finished the front and back of my sweater and stitched them together, and cast on for the sleeves....I knit six inches of sleeve before I realized that I was increasing much too quickly for anybody's good, despite my careful calculations to do what the pattern was telling me to now when I sit down for the first time in 3 days (which will probably turn into 4 before I have time) to knit, I'll be ripping out six inches of sleeve, and resolving from now on, to do things my own way, if and especially when the pattern I'm supposedly following looks funny.

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