Saturday, January 26, 2013

Projects Underway; a Blanket Fascination

Well, it's been a few weeks since school started, and I still don't know my schedule. Also, I am perpetually confused by the layout of Violette.

But, Knitting!

Clara's productivity level seems not to have been impacted the recent return to structured educational things:
It shall be called the Confetti Cake Blanket! (for obvious reasons, of course!)
One baby blanket for her grandmother- All done! Now, she can focus her efforts on very exciting things indeed:

A smaller, but not for long, incarnation of The Tube in crochet form. It is a relative-but not the same. Check out that awesome patterning that the colorful yarn is doing! Soon, this Tube will be as long as its predecessor!

Megan has nearly finished her jiggly puff- all it's missing now is a face. She was worried about its curl not looking right, but was assured that it was just as it should be.

Now the question is, is she going to "knit 'em all"?

Lauren is happily working on her hat- which is a good thing, considering that by the end of the night, she'd run out of yarn! Thankfully, two dye lots probably won't show up in this particular project.

Katheryn has been making a pair of slipper soles, to be slipped into an uncomfortable pair of shoes. She has a pair of comfortable slippers, and thought she could recreate the feel inside some shoes by creating some padded inserts. I hope it works!

Jordan has made some pretty significant progress since last week on her netted scarf-that blue is so pretty! Soon, it will be decorated with colorful crochet flowers, as well.

pieces of squishy, soft chess-domnation-clad in darkness!

My iPhone is kind of a downgrade from the old Blackberry in the picture-taking department- so the pure awesomeness that is Mary's horse-head-chesspiece-that-looks-like-a-gargoyle/dragon has not been sufficiently captured. I can't even imagine how great it will look once it's been stuffed! Fred is the luckiest kid on the planet, and he has no idea. The question is, will she tell him that it's a horse, or a dragon?

Woody stopped by this week, and brought a rectangle he's been working on: it will eventually be combined with a lot of other rectangles into a knit-scrap blanket! The yarn was really soft, and the brown-aqua combination is pretty cool too!

He also brought some new friends!
So excited to be making a hat!
Sharon has just begun the making of a hat-it does not yet have an intended owner. It involves the making of a hatband, to which the rest of the hat is joined.

Also, this is Katie:
She's just cast on for a scarf (see it there? hiding under her hand?) I bet it will be much bigger this coming Wednesday. She, also, does not know who her scarf's recipient is, yet. Maybe "I don't know" is actually a clever code for "I can't tell you because the person it's for is listening right now." Have you ever used that as an excuse to disguise who you're knitting for?

Agatha was also new to our group: She is making this fabulous, brightly colored crochet blanket-Those are colors I would never expect to see together, but they're just so awesome! This time of the year is a good time to be working on a blanket project, because you can have it in your lap while you work. We certainly had a lot of blanket references this week, too- Besides Clara's finished one, Woody's blanket rectangle, and Agatha's wonderful afghan, there was much discussion on Lauren's part of the merits of starting a blanket project-she's even brought yarn already! We might as well change the name of the group to the Blanket Club. No...not quite as catchy, really...

It really makes me want to knit a blanket, which I have told myself I will not least not until I have a place to put it. A long-term place, at that.

Wednesdays seem to be working out well for the lovely people of Stitch n' Bitch- and I'm also surprised at the number of new people we have joining us on a weekly basis- despite our unfortunate lack of posters. Of course, whenever I see people knitting, or whenever people comment on me knitting, the thing I usually say to them is "you should come to Stitch n' Bitch!" None of them have- maybe my enthusiasm is scaring people away... I have known to be enthusiastic about yarn.

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