Sunday, April 14, 2013

I hate jazz. I'm going to go.

The SUB was a hoppin' place this Wednesday night: There was an awfully loud rehearsal for lip synch going on, and then a rather large and noisy group of people waited for something for a while, before all getting up and leaving at once. The night ended rather abruptly as the Jazz Combo performance was about to begin, when Madeline announced that she didn't like jazz, and was therefore going to leave. It was still a pretty nice night though, and much yarn was knit (and crochet) by all!

Katherine was working on sleeves:

 Nope, just sleeves. Like the kind you wear with something that doesn't have sleeves. So that it does. You know.

Lauren was taking a brief but productive break from the Flounder socks to work on a new shawl (which I want to knit too! We can be buddies!). It is a pretty nice looking shawl so far- I'm a fan.
 Yeah, it is just in time for it to be warm outside...But who cares? Knitting!

Katherine was knitting a not-sweater, even though her sweater has yet to be finished.
I am impatient! But then again, really if you think about it...So is she....

Madeline was working and reworking a baby Aviatrix hat out of Malabrigo...(whoever the baby is, he or she is very lucky, and is going to be knitwear-spoiled by the time he/she can talk.)

 Plus, the colors are purple and green, which is wonderful! you can sort of see them down in the corner there. A nice mossy green, and a warm purple. Yay! Colors!

Jordan, meanwhile, has decided that a garter stitch blanket will be more exciting than a garter stitch scarf (even though the two are basically the same, except one is ten of the other.) I brought this point up to Jordan, but she did not seem discouraged. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting....
 What do we do? We knit, knit, knit! Even when you're knitting a really big blanket in the middle of summer! I smell a vacation to Alaska in her future!

Aric, meanwhile, was not knitting, but spent his time apartment hunting for grad school next year. So far, no concrete leads have been formed, but there's still time. I hope.

I was working on a sweater, while convincing myself more and more of the fact that I am going to run out of yarn. The sweater is now mostly done, and I have become certain that this yarn shortage is imminent. I think I'll be okay, though, because the dye lot difference won't be too noticeable since the only thing left is the edging. It can just be purposeful. I hope. I am a pretty big fan of it so far- it has short sleeves! It's for layering- and to show off the awesome yarn.

Next week at Stitch n' Bitch- Madeline will be attending a showing of Zombieland, in the Baldwin Hall little theater, and she invites all of you as well! I'm not sure if I'll be there or not, but let's keep in mind that one could potentially knit during this really, it'll be basically the same thing, except with less talking. Does that mean more knitting?

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