Saturday, October 2, 2010

Knitting, Knitting Everywhere!

My knitting radar has been going off constantly this week. On Tuesday we had a great SnB meeting. Katherine perfected the purl stitch and Kat is approximately 1/3 of the way through her Alice embroidery. We had a few new crafters join us and our circle continues to grow.

Don't make any sudden movements. You might scare the crocheter away.

Madeline and Alex showing some sock love.

A close up of Allison's sock-in-progress.

Jordan II working on a pillow for her sister.

Katherine is such a fast learner. It took her about five minutes to perfect the purl stitch. I find this pleasing because it makes me look like an exceptional teacher. In hindsight I should have told her to incorporate some ribbing into that stockinette scarf to counteract the curling.
My bad.

I swear this thing is almost done! I knitted while watching three hours of the Golden Girls Saturday night (obviously I lead a fast-paced and exciting life) and only have to bind off.

On Thursday, a certain campus paper ran an article on the group. No big thing. They mentioned Alex's cookies and how generally awesome we are. I may have grabbed a copy for my parents. Or four. Now that I've infiltrated Truman's radio and print media, I'm setting my sights on television. KTVO, here I come!

At the Red Barn Arts Festival this weekend, I ran across some yarn work. There were a few booths with scarves and one with piles of crocheted afghans. And then there was the poncho booth. So many ponchos. So much eyelash yarn. I went home and picked up my snugly wool and thanked the heavens to be far from that surely flammable, synthetic mess. Maybe I'm a wool snob. So what?

My final knitting encounter of the week occurred Saturday afternoon. While helping a family build their cob house, I befriended a fellow Kirksville resident. As we were stomping on a tarp, mixing a batch of cob, I tentatively asked, "Do you happen to...knit?" Turns out she does! I swear, I could sense it. She's also interesting in hand felting and yarn spinning! She seemed appropriately pumped about SnB.

This week's meeting should be a blast, particularly because it's ALEX'S BIRTHDAY! We'll be meeting in the SUB at 7:00, then heading to the Nash residence for general yarn tomfoolery.

In case you were wondering, it's officially cold enough to bust out the wool.


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  1. It sounds like you are officially developing knit-dar. Which I suspect will be a very important skill in the coming years.