Sunday, December 12, 2010

There Will Be Blog

Tuesday's meeting was full of finished projects




More scarves!

And one not-cursed sweater!

I finally finished one Christmas present.
I hope it fits my brother's noggin.

Now I get to make a second one for his twin. I think I'll make it brown and green. They're twins, not clones. The only frustrating part about making the hat (Turn a Square by Jared Flood) was that I had to knit it on double pointed needles rather than circulars (my longer circulars still weren't long enough for magic loop). So, if I lent you my size 7, 12inch circulars, you can help ensure my family has Christmas this year by returning them. There's also a good chance they're lost in one of my knitting bags.

Tuesday we're having a super sweet knit-a-thon in the HUB of the SUB starting at 10am. Come for an hour between finals or stay the whole day. This might be your last time to knit with the amazing Alex Klein for a very long time so don't miss out!

If you have a few minutes and would like to geek-out, watch this video Anna shared with me (she's pictured in the blue hat, above). It's about a project that aims to recreate coral using math and crochet. Yes, crochet. I'm trying to be tolerant. Margaret Wertheim is a brilliant public speaker. Then again, maybe it's that killer Australian accent she has.

It snowed in Kirksville yesterday. I fully intend on donning a handknit cowl, hat, mittens, and socks before venturing to the library.

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