Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, Better Blog

Why, hello there. It appears that I've gone a whole month without posting. My bad. I had every intention of posting over Christmas break but I found myself knitting instead. Good excuse, no? I managed to make all of my Christmas knitting deadlines (three hats and a cowl) but failed to take pictures of any of them.

If I had posted over break, I probably would have included things about crescent rolls that look like manatees:

Dogs begrudgingly wearing costumes:

And two decorative stuffed waterfowl with a bone to pick:
(Yes they are perched on the back of a toilet. It's a long story).

A large part of my break was spent knitting Aidez (if you're a faithful reader, you know that's the sweater I spoke of a few posts back). Knitting meshed well with my newfound obsession of Doctor Who on BBC America so much of my time was spent on the couch.

The couch mid-seaming.
I think the image has a certain war zone quality to it.
I'm fairly certain my mom thought I was developing a touch of agoraphobia, but I digress. I know what you really want. Pictures of the finished sweater! So here's the best I could do with my camera's self-timer:

Today is the first day of classes but due to a canceled lab, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. To alleviate my boredom, I braved a snowy campus (it finally feels like winter in Kirksville) to hang Stitch 'n Bitch's new gender neutral posters, courtesy of Katie Best. I'm not saying the color will attract male knitters, but hopefully it won't deter them. Not that they have to be knitters. They can finger weavers or crocheters. Whatever. With the departure of Alex Klein for bigger and better things, SnB has lost a strong male presence.

Please note the change in time. We will now meet on Wednesdays. Far be it from me to prevent you from knitting in the HUB on Tuesday nights, but I won't be there.

A few of last semester's posters managed to survive, albeit in areas that receive less traffic.

The weather meant there was knitwear everywhere.

Including on my head.
See you on Wednesday! I promise to wear my new sweater.

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