Monday, March 14, 2011

Was that midterm break?

Well, midterm break flew by. I found myself dogsitting for a friend of the family the whole week. That's right. Two straight weeks of dogsitting. These pups were geriatric French bulldogs. The characteristic raspy breathing of French bulldogs was helpful during the week. At night I just listened for their labored breaths to make sure they were both still alive. I'm not usually a small dog person, but they grew on me as the week went on. It's hard to complain about dogs that sleep 90% of the time.

Mr. Biz and Ms. Brighton

I've spent significantly more time with dogs than with people during the past few weeks. It's likely my social skills have begun to suffer. On the bright side, I was able to get a ton of knitting done and watched every romantic comedy movie on HBO. I'm pleased to present my finished Sedum:

I'm very pleased with the 3/4 length sleeves. I was terrified that it wouldn't fit in the end but was pleasantly surprised with the final product. I'm most proud of the color. Mustard yellow is so bold for me.

I received exciting news over break that I was selected for a summer internship in Boulder, Colorado. Aquatic mountain ecosystems might not interest you, so I'll stick to knitted related things: I've already searched for yarn stores in the Boulder area. There are three.

On Sunday I cast on for a hat.

This one is for a friend. I warned him that if I made a colorwork hat for him, we would have to be friends forever. There was no escaping it. He seemed fine with this agreement. When I realized I wouldn't be able to travel with the project easily (too much yarn to juggle) I panicked and cast on for a new shawl. Yes, I'm using the 11th Doctor sock yarn. I'm quite excited.

You might think, "Okay, Kaylin's knitting two projects. Whatever." But whatever is not an appropriate reaction, dear reader. I have never worked on two projects at the same time. Sure, countless knitters do it without incident. I'm just worried that I'll neglect one. In fact, I can't work on one without feeling guilty about the other for a second or two. I know this sounds strange. I'm working through it.


  1. Excellent sedum. Also, those dogs have the best names. Good luck with the two projects!

  2. I work on way too many projects at once and they all get done. Have faith and they will be finished! Great dogs btw :)

  3. Biz and Brighton love you! Not to mention Uncle Bill (that's me) and Nancy. Your sitting have meant sooo much. I have such a big hug to give you that I can only do it in little installments. The full hug all at once would cut you right in half and that's not the kind of love you deserve. mmmMMWHAA!!