Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Yo' Knit On

I'm proud to report that Madeline completed her March socks over the weekend. The color is appropriate, but I'm not sure if it was an intentional selection.

The pattern is "Par 5 Socks" by Ingrid Hiddessen and Madeline showed them off in an appropriately "golfy" outfit.

"Just give me a second to check my tee time."

Over midterm break, Kassie ventured to the wild state that is Wyoming and brought back some yarn souvenirs.

It's baby alpaca. One touch of this stuff makes you want to have your very own alpaca cria (yes, that is the technical term). We discussed this at length and decided the demand for baby alpacas would just lead to an alpaca population explosion we simply couldn't handle. All SnB members have decided to stay baby alpaca-less for now.

A hand-dyed Merino-cashmere blend. Truly drool worthy. Luckily it's machine washable for easy drool removal.

Jordan III took a moment to show off a scarf she is working on for her boyfriend. Obviously there are perks to dating a knitter.

Bonus: Expression of green hoodie girl in the background. Sass-tastic

About a month ago I finished a pair of leg warmers that I never really...warmed... up to. In the end I decided Anna is more of the leg warmer type to I pushed them off on her during last night's meeting. She claimed to not be the leg warmer type either, but tried them on to humor me.

The pattern is "Some Cloudy Day" by tinyowlknits

Somebody cue the drumroll. There are exciting things in SnB's future and it's all because of the contents of this bag:

It looks pretty unassuming, right?

In reality, it's a veritable cornucopia of knitting goodness.

The mother of my friend Julia is a prolific knitter. She heard of our little SnB group and offered to donate some of her yarn stash. I hadn't expected such a bounty to arrive, though! She also included over a dozen sets of needles. With these supplies, we'll finally be able follow through with an idea that has been thrown around in the past. Hold on to your seats...

We're. Having. A. Workshop.

Details are formulating. More information to come. I want borderline obnoxious posters though. Like this one. Can you believe it only took three minutes to make in PowerPoint?

Okay, so it lacks key information. Or any information, really. It's a work in progress.

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