Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I don't know what to do with my face!

Hello again! It's me again this week, because Katharine has informed us that she needs time to prepare herself for the great task that is blogging. Also, she just got new yarn, so we should probably leave that girl alone so she has time to knit. She's made some progress on her thrummed mittens, and rightly so, because the weather is starting to turn!

After that, a sweater will be on its way, as well as some socks, and even a cowl! She is going to (and I'm making it blog-official so don't forget, Katharine!) bring the new yarn to show us next week. If everyone else brings some exciting yarn from their stash, we can all pet new yarn, and take pictures! I think my whole entire stash is a little too big for transport right now, and I'm sure I'm not alone (I hope I'm not alone. It keeps me from having to admit that I have a problem...) but I'll probably bring some highlights!

In other Very Exciting news, we have a new member!

This is Margaret (Margaret, I'm sorry if I've spelled your name wrong, I didn't think to ask how you spell it...that's how my cousin spells her name though, so I took a guess...) Margaret moved here recently from D.C. (which is cool! Also it is bigger than Kirksville...) and she works at A.T. Still. She is working on a very lovely looking scarf, whose stitch pattern makes it look like it's made of a bunch of little fans! How neat is that!

Madeline is making pretty epic progress on her sweater- It's the cotton/wool blend that felt more like cotton, so its blocking behavior was pretty questionable. I bet we're going to find out how blocking went soon, though, because it's nearly finished!

I am so excited about that stitch pattern! I can't wait to take the first finished-object picture of the new school year! I wish I had as much time to knit as Madeline does. I am working on that, though. Also, apparently this sweater has been officially played with by at least one of Madeline's dogs, so I'd say its an official part of the family now! I think I'd be rather upset with my dog if she tried to play with something I was knitting...although she's not a huge fan of chewing things up, so much as just taking them, and keeping anyone else from having them.

The ever-persistent Clara has begun winding yet another ball of fantastic fun fur in a new color. The rather unfortunate side effect of this is that she hasn't had time to make more progress on the Tube.

Look! a new furry necklace in a new color!

Mary is working on making her accent scarf even longer:
Look at that! We're going to start approaching Doctor Who scarf length here before too much longer!

Lena is making a hat:

That yarn looks like it will make a very warm hat indeed! Also, according to Lena, apparently the french toast muffins at the SUB are quite tasty. Trust me, there was much excitement.
 Jordan is plugging away on those golf club cozies- how many cozies make a set? Six, maybe? Or does it depend on the set? I don't know much about golf, but thanks to Jordan, I do know a thing or two about golf club cozies. At any rate, one's done, and another one started, so I'd say progress is definitely being made!

I also took a group picture- I apparently was very thorough, and made Jordan nervous... she didn't know what to do for the picture, which led to the title of this very blog post- I think she did alright though:
"I don't know what to do with my face!"
everybody's faces look thoroughly occupied with their knitting, so all is well!

I finished the front of my sweater while we were gathered:

Rainbows are cool! I used just over 2 balls of yarn, although I really didn't want to go over 2... I was about to start the back of the sweater, but I realized that all my other balls of yarn are wound backwards! Instead of the colors going purple, blue, green, pink, aqua, they go aqua, pink, green, blue, purple! I guess I'm not an expert on yarn factories (other than that they are magical places and if I had to choose one place to live for the rest of my life, it would probably be a yarn factory...) but I'm a little confused at them for winding some balls one way and some backwards. Regardless, I have realized that I'm going to need more yarn to finish this project, especially if I'm going to make the stripes in the sleeves match each other like I am for the front and the back. That's been ordered today (along with more yarn. I won't admit I have a problem. ) but in the meantime, I need to work on getting the back of the sweater's stripes to match up with the front, which is proving to be a task in itself. I really want this to be done before it starts getting too cold out! I need a defense against the Kirksville winter!

Next week's blog will include a discussion on improvisational knitting tools, and little things knitters do that most other people wouldn't do. We talked a little about it this week as we were leaving, because I told a story about using a crochet hook as a cable needle, with most pleasing results. Also, I'd like to let you all know that I found a cable needle under my pillow today while I was looking for my glasses...I bet that doesn't happen to non-knitters...

By next week's blog I mean the next time I blog- unless Katharine would like to blog about it- if Katharine is blogging next week. You and I will both find out together- it's all rather confusing.

Dear Kaylin (and everyone, but especially Kaylin): if you would like to see pictures of a cute baby wearing a cute knitted thing, you should go to the yarn harlot blog, because there is a cute baby waiting for you there. I think it was the post on September 18th. That blog post makes me want to go make friends with the people that eat breakfast at the same time I do in the dining hall every morning. They have a baby. It too, is very cute, but I have not witnessed it wearing any knitted things.

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