Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is this thing on?

Well, Stitch N Bitch has seen a lot of change since May.  First off, we started meeting again, that's been going well.  We switched our meeting days to meet at 7pm on Tuesdays (still in the SUB HUB-come join us).  We lost some members (we're looking at you Kaylin) and gained some.  Finally, we're going to work on a rotating blogger plan.  I'd say I'll keep you posted but hopefully we all will.

Our first meeting was quite exciting, there were firemen, sirens and mass hysteria!  OK, that last bit was an exaggeration.  There was a fire drill in the SUB and I panicked a little bit when I couldn't find everyone post evacuation.
Lena & Mary knit right through the fire emergency.
Luckily, it just took a bit of wandering around the outside of the SUB to find our crew comfortably knitting on the grass.  Apparently, I just missed Sweet Nothings finishing up their practice just behind our knitting circle!  Darn the luck!

I did make it in time to catch up on everyone's summer vacation report.  Mary & Clara both agree that while their summer was relaxing their dog had the most enjoyable time.  Kat stayed in Kirksville (what bravery!) and worked for JBA and on arty things.  I was around, mostly working, but with some fun having!  The rest of the night proved to be less excited than watching the firemen wander around on Franklin with axes but it sure was wonderful to see everyone again!

On Friday Kaylin arrived all the way from Murray, KY to visit for the long weekend & of course to knit.  Everyone who stayed in Kirksville for the weekend met up at Costa Rican Coffee to knit away a good portion of a drizzly Saturday afternoon.  There was delicious food, hot drinks and great conversation.  

Clara impressed everyone with her tube!  Even me, though I look furious in the background!
Kat captured the feel of the gathering & her stripey, cabley rainbow sweater.
It was just a wonderful weekend.  We hung out with friends, stuffed ourselves with gluten free blueberry cake and watched so much BBC we may have developed accents for part of Sunday!
Sadly, we did not recreate this moment, no matter how much Bella begged!
Yesterday we had our 3rd meeting of the semester (wow already)!  Katherine was kind enough to bring some delicious oatmeal caramel bars, I even brought one home for Mr. Nash, who was quite impressed.

Jordan II showed off the amount of hair she can grow in a summer.  Cute!
Jordan is making great progress on a crocheted blanket (and growing hair) to keep her warm in her big kid apartment this winter.  Katherine has started on her second of her maybe not so doomed thrummed mittens.  Clara continued her tube, it might well be a house cozy soon.  Kat is working on the third starting of her rainbow sweater--I forgot to snap a photo of the progress, I owe you!  Aric is plugging away on a scarf.  Mary has been experimenting with linen blend but it has not yet revealed its final destiny.  I've been working on making a not your boyfriend's sweater while debating the merits of doing so in a wool/cotton blend!

Typical and exciting all at the same time!

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  1. Yay for the new blog post! I love the idea of rotating authors. That way none of you get burnt out on it! I hope Katherine can tackle the second thrummed mitten since the first one was such a headache.