Thursday, November 1, 2012

So- do I put it on my head with the plate still in it?

It's that time again- Blog time! Some very exciting things went on at Stitch n' Bitch this week (but then again, very exciting things happen every week...)

Today, art history was cancelled, because our professor was sick, but she didn't send out the email until about 3 minutes before class started, so I was already up. Lauren and I decided to spend the usual art history time working on our knee socks in progress instead! Knitting, I'm pretty sure, is the best use of a morning ever. Not that I wouldn't just have been knitting during class if it had happened anyways...

Lena has made some pretty considerable progress on her blanket (remember how last week it looked like a scarf? It doesn't anymore!)

apparently, Downton Abbey is a great show to make epic blanket progress during, and apparently, Lena watches a lot of Downton Abbey. (Also, my apologies for accidentally telling who died. I promise I didn't mean it, and I'm not saying it again, just in case. Maybe Lena will forget.)

Katharine is so close to starting the sleeves! At last count, she was five centimeters away- and at her current calculation of one centimeter per hour, I'd say she should be on to sleeves by next week, wouldn't you? It's beginning to look a lot like a sweater!

Mary is having problems hearing her yarn. She doesn't know what it's telling her it wants to be- it's probably screaming at her, but she can't hear it. Here's my theory, though- Since the yarn she's working with is yarn she bought in France, it's probably (no, definitely...) screaming at her in French. She's just not listening in the right language! Also, even if she was listening in french, screaming french people are really hard to understand on a good day, so imagine what screaming french yarn must be right now she's just swatching.

Madeline, after a harrowing journey to find fish food, made some more progress on her baby sweater. I just love that yarn so much! That's going to be one lucky baby.

Unlike Mary's french yarn, the Tube speaks to Clara all the time. See all those color changes? That's not Clara deciding to change colors, that's the Tube telling Clara that it's time for something new. This picture doesn't show it, but the Tube has already consumed quite a bit of that eyelash yarn Madeline gave Clara a few weeks ago. I'm just waiting for the Tube to tell her that it would like some stranded colorwork sections. I wouldn't put it past the Tube.

Katherine is working on a very specifically requested purple scarf for her brother (if your brother asks you for a purple scarf, you make him a purple scarf. That rule is probably actually written down somewhere. It's a nice, wide scarf as well.)

Jordan has finished her hat! Basking in the wonder of not knitting cozies for golf clubs any longer, she went right to town on that hat, and now all it needs is a good blocking...(don't worry, Jordan, blocking isn't hard!)

It was a very entertaining conversation indeed when Madeline began explaining to Jordan the concept of putting a dinner place inside her hat, and steam blocking it using an iron (oh, Jordan doesn't have an iron..)...using the steam from a boiling pot of water(oh...Jordan doesn't have a pot either..)...using the steam from a boiling...pan.. of water. We college students have to get creative sometimes.

I am almost finished with my socks-that-are-to-be-worked-on-between-projects. These socks have been in progress for about a year and a half now, so it's high time they were finished, but on the other hand, I'm soon going to need to start another pair of socks to work on between projects. I'm going to be sitting down to do my sweater math tomorrow afternoon (it's in the calendar), so the sleeves should be back on track soon. I have a pretty strong itch to start some new projects as well- a hat for my head of significantly less hair than I'm used to, two pairs of socks, a wrap (or three...) not to mention the TARDIS blue yarn I'll be dyeing soon. We'll see what havoc I can wreak on the stash this weekend!

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