Friday, December 7, 2012

Epic Plans

This Wednesday! This Wednesday shall be the greatest Wednesday for knitting of the semester! This Wednesday is the wonderful, once-a-semester Stitch n' Bitch Reading Day Marathon! (*happy dance!*)

I will be in the SUB knitting from 10am to 4ish pm (or at least I promise to be there during those times, except for a break for lunch...) My finals are over on Tuesday, so Wednesday is going to be full of hard core knitting!

The next important announcement of the blog this fine day, is that Wednesdays are going to be getting a lot more exciting next semester! Why? You may be wondering. Well, I will tell you why! Stitch n' Bitch will be moving to Wednesdays next semester! (same time, same place, of course!)

Wednesdays, from now on, are going to be pretty freakin' awesome.

Meanwhile, on a pretty awesome Tuesday:

My roommate, Emma, stopped by this week, with a Squirrel! Isn't he adorable? He is. He's pretty much begging for an acorn though, so that will be happening soon, I've heard. She has since made a dachshund (which is very entertainingly, smaller than the squirrel....)

Jordan is Very Happy indeed, to be finished with the (hopefully last) set of golf club covers! They all received pom poms while we were there. There was much rejoicing afterwords, as well:

"should I shake them, or hold them still?" .... "you can shake them if you want."
Action shot! you know it's true, because the pom poms are blurry. All that happy! Now, it's finally time to get back to those awesome granny square blankets!

This Christmas, I would like to see a picture of their family Christmas tree wearing Clara's Tube as a sweater.
Clara has made a million feet of progress on that baby blanket of her grandmother's. That's going to be one toasty blanket. Madeline discussed with Clara the possibility that the blanket looked a bit like a funfetti cake. I am inclined to agree, although it is a very toned down version.

Mary has made significant progress as well, on Fred's traveling chess set. I can't wait for the little chess pieces! Fred, apparently has been inquiring on whether or not boys are allowed to come to Stitch n' Bitch. Of course they are! Aric comes to Stitch n' Bitch (when he's not busy doing physics) and so do other boys! Knitting needs more boys.

Katharine, unfortunately, has had to put her sweater on hiatus until the Christmas knitting marathon is over. Here, we have a hat for her sister. I hope we see the sweater soon! That yoke is going to be exciting. I can't wait to see it done!

Here's Megan, working on yet another new project (a new one every week! she must have all the time in the world to knit...) She never did tell us how that Halloween sweater for her dog turned out... Probably not well, if I had to guess.

Cliche caption time: "Gotta Crochet them all!"    (My apologies, I don't have anything better than that. I missed the pokemon craze- spent my childhood hanging out with Bill Nye the Science Guy instead.)

Katherine, apparently, has absolutely no homework whatsoever, as you can see from the amount of pokemon amiguri she's made between the previous two Stitch n' Bitch meetings. Plus, she's working on another one too! This girl is productive. If I was that productive, I'd have three years worth of Christmas Knitting done by now.

They should make 'pocket Potter pals', like they have Potter Puppet Pals. They could fit into Madeline's miniature sweaters!
You can't really tell from this picture, but Madeline....Madeline is making WEASLEY SWEATERS! and not only that, Madeline's Weasley sweaters are Christmas Tree ornaments! She's doing the whole family, I think, and already has a few done! That's going to be the most exciting tree in the history of ever. True story. They're even going to have little initials on them! How wonderful is that! She should make an extra pair for herself and John. I just thought of that. I would totally wear a sweater with a big 'K' on it. I might even make myself one. With bulky yarn, in a color I don't usually wear. This is sounding like a better idea the more I think about it.

There's no action shots of me this week, but my yarn is pretty exciting!

One almost-finished sock, and one now-ripped out glove. The sock is going to be getting a toe soon, and the glove is supposed to be a Christmas gift for a sister, but I had to rip it back, because the red in the checkers was going to interfere with the motif I had planned. I restarted with corrugated ribbing, but my gauge tightened up, and now the cuff is too small. I'm going to rip it out and cast on again with more stitches. This will work eventually! The sock, on the other hand, is going very smoothly.

On the bright side, I have decided that corrugated ribbing is awesome! Actually, This is the first time I've done any sort of for-real colorwork...(okay, I knit the front and one sleeve of a sweater with a rib cage on the front of it in high school, but I never finished the back, and it was acrylic and therefore does not count)....but I'm a fan. I might have plans for a fair isle sweater. Seriously though, Christmas knitting has to get finished first! There's only 17 days left! Then, it's back to knitting things for me!

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