Monday, December 3, 2012

In which I forget things, and in which there are exciting things.

Last week, I got distracted. I got distracted by how nice the weather was, and how cool the fog was (I didn't have to drive anywhere, so it was cool and not scary), and how I had so little homework, and could sort of relax- I got so distracted, that I convinced myself that I had already written the blog post! ...Since clearly I was so on top of things....

This week promises to be less boring.

Last week, one of my prints was selected to go on some kind of Truman thank-you cards (weird?)

I thought you guys would enjoy it, since it involves sheep. I feel like this is a weird choice for thank you cards, but recognition is recognition, I suppose.

We were joined, last week at Stitch n' Bitch, by a very distinguished guest: Mary's mother (therefore Clara's grandmother)! Here is a multi-generation picture to prove that fact:
She regaled us with stories of hurricane Sandy, and of other, happier things. She was not knitting- she had a proxy for that:

Clara diligently plugged away at a baby blanket for a baby she will probably never meet (This, Clara, is where you start lobbying for a trip to New York City)! As such, this week, we were Tube-less.

Mary is working on this AWESOME chess set for Fred's birthday: I believe the final piece will be Doctor Who themed, which makes it 11 times more fantastic! The best part is, she can knit it in front of Fred, and he's so oblivious that he's none the wiser. I wish I could knit my gifts in front of their intended recipients. I wouldn't have to spend the two months before Christmas stealth-knitting...

The coolest bit, is that there's going to be a drawstring around the outside so that the chess board is the carrying bag as well!

The look on Jordan's face pretty much sums up everyone's feelings concerning her Christmas gift for her Dad this year:

This set is Truman-spirit themed! To match a golf bag, and polo shirt. This man is going to be the most matching golfer in town!
Golf club cozies. Gotta keep those poor golf clubs warm, after all... I've been saying 'hopefully the last set' for the past four sets now, so I won't bother.

Here's Katharine, with one very exciting completed sleeve:
I know you're thinking 'gee Kat, that doesn't look much like a sleeve... Are you sure Katharine isn't knitting legwarmers for flamingos?' -But I can assure you, that it is in fact a sleeve. There are two things you should know: The most important thing is that this is a bottom-up raglan sweater, and the yoke is knitted last, attaching the body to the that's why the sleeve doesn't have any increases. The other, only mildly important thing you should know, is that Katharine didn't knit a gauge swatch. (Insert internal *gasp!* here)- others may not be gasping, but gauge swatches are still important. I am an advocate of those which cannot stand up for themselves in the faces of ridicule. Gauge swatches unite!

Megan has begun a hat- not that she'll need it with this balmy excuse for a December...

And Katharine has made some progress on her blanket (again, not that she'll need this either...)

Woody is making a furry scarf, which is pretty exciting, because it looks like animal print. Random tangent: I wonder if anyone's ever tried to spin the fur of the big cats, and knit with it? Wouldn't it be great if knitted cheetah-fur had spots like a cheetah? That would certainly take some doing.

A rare sighting:

It's not often there are actual pictures of me on the blog these days- Woody was kind enough to snap an action shot. Let's dissect this picture, shall we: Note the new teal iPhone case, which features a silicone grippy surface for nonslip protection, as well as a hard plastic middle layer to offer more substantial protection, and an unseen underlayer to aid in shock absorbtion. Also, a built-in screen protector, and a cutout in the back that lets everyone know I'm carrying an apple product, even if it looks like a wad of colorful bubble wrap (which it basically is). Also, note the drawing tablet, which is the homework I should have been doing at the last meeting, and the knitting in my hands, which is what I was actually doing. Jordan appears to be mildly dillusional in the background- she is smiling while working on the golf club cozies, which is something I would not be doing. (Smiling? you ask, or working on the cozies?--The answer is simple. I would be doing neither.) She is a very loving daughter, apparently.

My dad does not appreciate knitted things, so he's the only one not getting knitted things this year. Not even golf club cozies. To be fair, though, he doesn't golf...

In other news, Madeline and I were prominently featured in a Truman Index article recently, which, to my knowledge did not contain a single typo (yay, Truman Index!). it features this photo of me:

(From over the summer, when my hair was long and all this yarn was still yarn and not knitted things)

and it is very exciting indeed! It can be found here:

How famous are we! Not very, but still. I do feel like the reporter could have interviewed more knitters, but it's nice to get the word out, and get people to know how awesome it is! That's basically what Stitch n' Bitch is all about, right? We are some pretty cool people. In case you don't feel like seeing the article online, don't worry, because I grabbed 12 copies and I am hoarding them, like any self respecting person would.

Next week, we'll hopefully have our official Reading Day Knitting Day, in which we do not study, and this week, we should all be thinking about what time we would like to meet next semester! How exciting!... I'm going to work on some posters. Promise.

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