Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the speed-blogger

All of the things are happening right now- internship applications are due, homework, tests (everyone starts having tests at exactly the same time, I'm pretty sure...), papers, and this very silly web design project due on Thursday for which the requirements have just changed (again.)...

so I'm blogging fast!

Here's Mary- hard at work on another little black horse (or dragon. or gargoyle) chess piece! An interesting conundrum has been occurring that involves Madeline and Mary/Clara showing up every other week, but these weeks are also not in cycles with eachother. Fear not! I have a solution! Everyone should just come all the time! (This is the 'do as I say' part. Continue reading for the 'not as I do' part)

 And Clara, working up a crochet storm on something whose final form is not yet known. Right now, it's just a rectangle- and a very good one at that!

Megan has, since last time, finished her jiggly puff and cast on for a hat!

Katheryn is making a set of coasters in highlighter- yellow.  My theory is that the color choice is so that people in need of coasters can spot them easily. I can never find a coaster when I need one, so this would work well.

Lauren is working on (and has since finished) the Hairiest Alpaca  Scarf Ever Known To Man Or Woman or Anyone Else. Seriously. I found alpaca hair in a ball of yarn from a project I wasn't even working on at Stitch n' Bitch. It's all over the place. She informed me today, however, that the yarn stopped shedding considerably after she washed it. All's well that ends well!
There's me, because interested parties think that there are too few pictures of me on this blog. Also, there's the nearly completed sleeve of my rainbow sweater. The sweater is now completed, and I even wore it! How cool! It's very heavy and very warm. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but I have another project halfway done already, so that's pretty exciting too!

(here's that 'not as I do' part I was telling you about before)
I hope that you will all see my sweater, and that I will see all of you, on Wednesday- however, due to the previously mentioned changed requirements, I have a website to finish- it may put my social knitting time in jeopardy this week, which would be an absolute travesty! In order to right this potential wrong, I am going to work super hard and super late tonight, and hopefully finish it so that I can come tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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