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It's been quite some time since I last blogged: but things are beginning to slow back down to a manageable speed, so we should be good. Last week (or the week before, depending on how you're keeping track) was the first time I missed Stitch n' Bitch since I became blogger (gasp!) but this week's blog will make up for it. There are pictures!

Katharine managed to almost-finish a tie blanket, which was a gift for a friend of hers in Prim Roses:
Epic fringe and everything! We had a discussion of the different tie styles that it is possible to use to make one of these- the method she chose was faster than mine would have been, and probably produces a bouncier fringe. Next, she's sewing-something- into the bottom corner, and then boom! Back to knitting for Katharine!

Lauren is working on a sock for my roommate, Emma:
Which has subsequently been ripped back and started over (due to the accidental production of man-proportioned socks...) Fortunately, as they tell us in vis comm, it's always faster the second time! In this case, it really is faster because it's a smaller sock with less stitches! Check out those colors, though! It's like Flounder from The Little Mermaid:
Bright blue and brighter yellow! I told her that when they're done, she should have Emma's feet pose in the socks, surrounded by forks, hairbrushes, and other random stuff. This continues to sound like an excellent plan to me.

This is how excited Jordan always is when she crochets:

She is making a hat, having found the perfect pattern. Despite multiple bouts of confusion, she still refused to read the pattern all the way through. Get it girl! Who needs patterns. They're more of suggestions, anyways. Guidelines. I have a movie reference for this too: Pirates of the Caribbean. Because of the 'Guidelines' thing. I bet I can think of a movie reference for all the pictures!...Let's see.

Okay, now I've set myself up with this one...

Clara is making a nameless thing again! The Tubes are on hiatus, but whatever this is, it will probably rival the tubes in coolness factor. The movie I'm thinking of, which I haven't actually seen, is The Odd Life of Timothy Greene- because it is interesting, fantastic, wonderful, and based on just having seen previews, you don't understand it. Bam.

Madeline is making Borough Gloves!
Can I just use Doctor Who as this reference? or is that too obvious? I'm going for it. Furthermore, Check out that beautiful Malabrigo! I just want all the Malabrigo all the time. What I actually want is a herd of Malabrigo sheep.

Look, it's me!
I debuted the wonderful rainbow sweater at Stitch n' Bitch! Movie reference? I don't know, anything in technicolor? That counts, because I am making up the rules, here. This, by the way, is me modeling my sweater during that day when it snowed epically, and I am still wonderfully warm! Wool is wonderful. Everything is wool.

Now- should you get bored with your knitting, I would advise you to investigate the wonderful world of alien-abduction thwarting headwear. Yep- it's a thing.

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