Thursday, February 17, 2011

All That Jazz

I hope you've had a great week since we spoke last. Not to rub it in, but I certainly did.

In honor of my birthday, my parents came to town.

My mom, taking in the local culture.

With the help of Sarah Cramer, I successfully crashed John and Madeline's Valentine's Day dinner plans. Okay, we were invited to partake in the sushi "Love Boat" experience so it wasn't technically "crashing."

Rock the boat (don't rock the boat, baby!)
Rock the boat (don't tip the boat over!)

As punishment for making a "Rock the Boat" lyrical reference during dinner, I've had the the Hues Corporation hit stuck in my head all week. It took all of my willpower not to title this post "Get Down With Ya' Bad Self."

Wednesday's meeting started off fairly normal.

We oohed and ahhed over Teresa's new yarn and roving. Soon she'll have a new pair of thrummed mittens.

I took a bunch of blurry pictures of Sarah and Sarah from across the circle

Kristen brought some of her cross stitch projects to be admired.

I obtained an awkward shot of Sarah's first Lupin sock.

The first two hours passed without incident as I talked about hedgehogs and John made everyone watch videos of bears licking each other (he just showed us the bear-cam, he couldn't control what those rowdy bears were doing).

Things got crazy around 9:00, though. That's when the jazz started. Thanks to a poorly charged camera battery, I was only able to obtain this low quality shot with my phone.

I believe Katherine's boyfriend is one of the blurry jazz musicians.

According to the Truman Master Calender, we were suddenly attending "Jazz Combos." Turns out jazz is loud, yet still manages to lull me to sleep. To keep myself awake, I randomly interjected my own scat singing, "BE BOP DOOOO DOOO BE DA BE BE DOOOOOOO BOPITY BOOOOOOO!" I thought my embellishments added to the experience. Madeline made it clear this was not the case.

Get outside and enjoy the weather! (Except if you're an international reader. Please use discretion when venturing outside. I am not familiar with your home climate- in neither the weather nor political sense.)

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