Monday, February 21, 2011

The Panic Inducing Yarn Store Trip

Last Friday, I decided to make a rather impulsive trip to my favorite yarn shop. The weather was beautiful, I didn't have class, and it was Gluten Free Friday at the Main Squeeze in Columbia. Without really telling anyone (okay, I sent my mom a text) I set off to buy some yarn.

Little did I know, my impulsive trip sent my friends into a panic. You see, when you're planning a surprise party for someone, you don't want them to leave town. While I was deciding between buying a sweater's worth of Cascade ECO wool in gray or yellow (shocker! I boldly chose yellow. Who do I think I am? ) my friends were frantically texting each other in crisis mode. One friend was even ready to fake an emotional meltdown if necessary to ensure I came back from Columbia that night. That's love.

Although I considered just driving home for the weekend, I eventually made my way back to Kirksville instead. To the relief of many, I showed up to the party and was, indeed, surprised.

So, the lesson is this: When planning a surprise party, you can't plan for the yarn buying appetite of the guest of honor.

Well enough about that. With this addition, I have successfully constructed a three post arc featuring my birthday. I'll shut up about it now.

The yarn store that was worth driving three hours round trip is called Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe. It's located just off Rangeline in Columbia, Mo. I was so eager to reach my destination, I even navigated the interstate. That's a sign of devotion if I've ever seen one. The staff is super friendly and the yarn selection is topnotch. Here's the yarn that was lucky enough to go home with me:

Here's the same yarn with the Eleventh Doctor yarn. It's to pretty no to be photographed.

Could I be shifting to a new yarn color obsession? Is mustard yellow the new charcoal gray? I used Madeline's swift to wind it all up. I figure I have enough yarn to last me through midterm break. So, three weeks.

This weekend I finished a hat for my friend Gina. It was a cool pattern called the Sideways Grande Hat from Boutique Knits. As the name suggests, it was constructed by knitting around the body of the hat, rather than from the bottom up as is the case for most hats.

Ready for seaming

The finished product. Gina will look much more posh in it.
I had planned to send it home with my sister during her visit this weekend, but I lost valuable knitting time during the surprise party and didn't complete the hat until this afternoon. Oops. Sorry. I said I'd stop mentioning my birthday.

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