Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Hold onto your seats e'rybody!
There was a baby at Stitch 'n Bitch.
That baby was wearing a handknit cardigan made by SnB's own Madeline Nash.

Ms. Eleanor Best is simply ADORABLE

She is also a polite young lady. She feigned interest when John read her a book.

"I've heard it before, old man."

She even graciously allowed me to take a picture with her.

I impressed myself by not going into cardiac arrest.

Madeline would be very upset if I didn't include a shot that highlighted Ellie's well-defined chin.
Impressive, no? Like a young Geena Davis.

It seems to be a good time to knit socks (I know, I know, when is there a bad time to knit socks?). Katherine, Madeline, and Anna are each diligently working on a pair.

A close-up of Katherine's ribbing.

First of Madeline's April socks.

Secrets don't make friends, right? Well that doesn't apply to the knitting world. Keeping a knitting secret usually means you're going to make someone very, very happy. So, really, secrets make best friends. Madeline and I are keeping a few. Here are a few Zooma challenges (any Cranium fans out there?).

Madeline's masterpiece. Any guesses?

Just a little something I'm working on...

We haven't had any new knitters in a few weeks. I bring the beginning needles and yarn anyway. We discussed the possible need for more aggressive recruiting strategies. Fishing for newbs, anyone?
Can you believe I didn't catch anything?

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