Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflections On A Knit-tastic Weekend

I had a totally-fantastic-intensely-fun-knitting weekend. Did you?

Last Saturday, the Where My Stitches At? Knitting Workshop went down. Sure, I suppose the turnout could have been better, but we had a great time anyway.

We brought plenty of projects to show off.

There are some who suspect that the workshop was an elaborate ploy to get Alex to come back to Kirksville for the weekend, but let's not focus on such suspicions. Let's focus on the fact that Alex did come to Kirksville for the weekend and it was a splendid time!

He brought some beautiful handknits for Madeline and I.

"Orange Blossom"

In addition to beautiful shawl that I foolishly failed to photograph, I also received a new pair of socks.

"Ribbing of Doom Socks"

A knitter with a keen eye will notice the ridiculous amount of ribbing found on these socks. In order to prevent himself from stabbing his eyes out in a heated moment of ribbing frustration, Alex mastered a new knitting style. It's called Portuguese knitting. Although it looks a bit peculiar (the yarn is draped around your neck!), the technique makes ribbing much easier.

Of course we made him demonstrate.

Alex also brought a bag of old yarn for the workshop. To our delight, the bag also contained some of Alex's early crochet and knitting projects. It was practically overflowing with his early adventures with acrylic yarn.

I bet we could sell these on Etsy and make it on Regretsy. That's a twofer.

Behold, the crochet scarf that would. not. end.

Alex's first nearly completed sweater! We had a lot of fun with this one.

I wanted to sleep with this blanket, but there was some concern that the acrylic would melt to my body in the event of a fire.
Crochet. C as in "cozy."

No one was really sure what the next one was supposed to be. When in doubt, model it as a scrunchie.

After a weekend full of knitting and a breakfast full of waffles, Alex returned to St. Louis. Unforunately there's no time left to plan another elaborate scheme knitting workshop before the end of the semester, so life must return to normal.

My friend Erika presented me with a challenge this morning. She asked me to mend her mittens.

After watching Madeline darn John's socks this weekend, I was eager to accept the challenge. It only took me an hour total to darn three large hole, but the results weren't exactly pretty. Silly me, I forgot to take a picture of my mediocre darning to share with you.

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