Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How ewe doin'?

Summer is officially in full swing. I knew this was the case when I spent six hours knitting in my front yard yesterday. Since I've been home from school, the weather has been rather variable. That being the case, yesterday's blue skies and light breeze has been replaced with dreary cloud cover and oppressive humidity.

I didn't even listen to any music during my knitting marathon. Besides a delightful bit of stranded colorwork knitting, my entertainment was watching my dogs lick each other (as seen below) and feast on cicadas. At first I was repulsed, but had a change of heart when I considered what a delight it would be if I were a dog. The human equivalent would be something like chicken nuggets dropping out of the sky. Of course a miracle like that would undoubtably require an aviation blunder and a considerable amount of paperwork.

Anyway, more about the knitting. After finishing a monster of a shawl for Mother's Day, I was a little burnt out (no you can't see a picture because I was too worn out to even take one). So I spent a month watching HBO and providing my parents with cheap (free) labor. The other day I was organizing my knitting things and found a pattern that called out to me. Behold, the 36 hour hat (pre-blocking).

I'm kind of in love with this pattern. It's "Setesdal Love Hat" from Knitscene Winter/Spring 2011. It turns out Setesdal is traditional district in southern Norway. They're well known for their sweaters (hello, Dale of Norway!).

I think I've also put off blogging so I didn't have to say that the wonderful Anna will be leaving us. She's transferring to bigger and better things in Oregon. Here she is finishing what turned out to be a rather huge sock.

I fully intend on making her Skype a SnB meeting or two.

I'm going to attempt to ride this Setesdal Hat momentum through the summer. I need not remind some of you that my knitting came to a halt last summer. I'm determined this will not be the case this summer. I'll have to keep knitting if only to keep my hands warm at my internship (yup, I'm leaving for the Mountain Research Station on Friday!).

For my fellow wool lovers, here are some sheep frolicking near Kirksville.

<Insert sheep pun. Ex: I'll be seeing ewe soon, or, Be right baaaaack.>

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