Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In which there is a 'learning face'

It's been so long since our last meeting, but do not lament, there's one tomorrow!

Seriously. You should be there.

Last time, some pretty epic things went down, including, for starters, my tendency to take pictures at weird angles that makes them look sort of unusual no matter which way you rotate them...

Clara, once again, does not know what she is working on, and we have come to expect nothing less.

Lauren is working on Emma's socks:
Flounder socks! Look at that heel-in-progress! Well, you can't see it...but it's there! I promise! It was done by the end of the night!

This is Jordan's 'stop making fun of me' face- and also the very first time in the history of this semester at Stitch n' Bitch that we have captured Jordan in a non-smiling state. It will most likely also be the last, as upon closer inspection it becomes evident that Jordan is in fact, still slightly smiling in this picture. She's working on her daffodil bag, but we'll get to that again later.

Madeline, wearing a very warm and wonderful looking shawl-shawlette-triangular scarf- thing (I love them all, but I never know what to call them....) was making some pretty epic progress on a sock with a slip stitch pattern, using Knit Picks' Stroll (I think the color is kindling?) It's such a pretty color- I have some and am going to pair it with blue to make a truly epic pair of colorwork socks. Eventually. The slip stitch pattern is really cool looking- I like the texture when combined with the tonal yarn!

Katherine was working on a yellow blanket, following her usual trends of using exciting, brightly colored yarn! I'm not sure, but it looks like all that's left here is sewing the squares together! That's pretty exciting, given the current temperature trends.

Katharine is SO CLOSE to being done with the second sleeve of her cardigan- in fact, she might have been so close to done with the second sleeve at the end of our last meeting, that it is highly possible that progress will have been made on the yoke portion of the sweater by now! I can't wait to see it done! I'm also curious to see how the construction goes.

Here's me- with one finished Six Sheep Sampler Sock, and the toe of the second one started. The sock is super-thick, really warm, and not quite all the way knee high, but high enough to stay up. I'm pretty pleased with how my handspun is knitting up! Progress has since been made on the second sock: I'm a few inches past the ankle, about to start the calf increases. Since our last meeting, I have also started and completed (minus the pom-pom) the most wildly colored hat I will probably ever wear. That makes it officially my first handspun project seen through to completion! The socks are still the first yarn I've ever spun (on the wheel, at least...)

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!

I really hope this works: I hope it's not all grainy and weird. Sorry if it is. Also, sorry for the ambient noise in the background- it seems as though my camera has a pretty non-directional built in microphone. However, it looks like there's a microphone plug in my camera- so if Jordan wants to make a habit of reading her patterns aloud to us, I could probably obtain a microphone from somewhere.

For the record, my favorite part is 'Look at that learning face you just made!'- if the blog title this week wasn't a dead giveaway on that....

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