Wednesday, March 27, 2013

in which there is a photoshoot

It's getting to be that point in the semester when everyone's stressed, and it seems like the world is crashing down around you. Projects and papers and tests seem to all clump together on similar dates, and if you look into the deepest darkest corners of the library, students can be seen sitting on the floor with their knees to their chest, rocking back and forth with wild eyes and wilder hair.

I have a project, a paper, and a test tomorrow. This exact thing happened to me a few weeks ago, on the other day this semester that I didn't attend Stitch n' Bitch. Depending on how much I get done today, I may be able to come for a little while. Here's hoping! Meanwhile, last week!

Jordan was busy making epic progress on her new crochet granny square bag (which I have heard is finished, and will be displayed tonight. Due to a lack of desire to follow gauge, the bag is smaller then anticipated, but Jordan is still very excited about it, and it is now her new project bag!

Madeline was looking pensive while Jordan regaled her with tales of buying stamps from actual people- this is probably the build up to Madeline telling Jordan that there is such a thing as a 'Stamp Machine' where one may buy stamps without ever interacting with another human being. Technology!

Meghan was working on a soon-to-be-felted pokeball, the white yarn for which was left behind last week, but has since been reunited with its owner:

The lonely yarn sat and mingled with us for a while, and after a long journey, it has made its way back to be turned into said pokeball!

 I thought about ransoming it, but decided that would not have gone well. Jordan also suggested a dead drop, followed by a series of mysterious text messages (maybe containing clues to its location?) but it's been a long week and I had homework. Such a lame excuse, too....

Clara, meanwhile, was patiently chugging away at yet another unidentified thing- this time with stripes!- while Mary worked on organizing the students in one of her classes into research groups, instead of knitting. I wonder where she is on Fred's handknit chess set?

 Katherine, clad in matching blue warm things, has finished all the yellow squares for her blanket, and has moved on to new colors to continue the process. She had better hurry up, or the weather will be too warm for that blanket!

And then there was me, photos courtesy of Madeline:

I am currently (if by currently you understand that I mean in this picture, as  I also have approximately five other projects going on right now...) working on a Malabrigo short-sleeved sweater, which I will hopefully happily wear all the time, and will definitely be a very good garment to have for spring. I'm about 2/3 done with the body part (there's an edging as well) and am contemplating two things: 1.) There is the distinct possibility that I will run out of yarn, and 2.) the colors are pooling in a very unusual way- the blues, greens, and purples are striping consistently, and the golds and purples are striping between them. I've never seen that occur, so I am currently figuring out a way to stop it from happening. Meanwhile, there are other projects.
 There! So many pictures of me (also my awesome hat that I finished a week or so ago, minus the pom pom that is going to happen hopefully maybe this weekend?)

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