Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alright, I'm a slacker's been awhile!
I had an excellent midterm break, it just didn't involve blogging. It did involve knitting! I finished the Tonks socks. Woot! Thankfully I finished them in an area with plenty of hardwood floors. Celebratory and, in my opinion, obligatory sliding transpired. I didn't snap a photo, so just imagine another sock identical to the one I pictured last time.

I also hit up Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe in Columbia. I was extremely impressed. Their ratio of wool to acrylic was much more respectable than my local yarn shop. Besides picking up some yarn of my own (gray and green, naturally) I helped my friend Emily buy her first skein of wool yarn. She sped through a garter stitch scarf and started on a hat last night.

As per her request, I omitted any head shots of Emily. If you think you can figure out who she is with a bit of facebook stalking, the joke's on you! I know multiple Emilys!

I've showcased a few of Alex's handspun skeins in the past (behind the blog title, for example). Last week I got to see him spin in person!

Drop it like it's hot
Yeah, he's got skillz.

Kat finished some sweet fingerless mittens last week. Or should I call them wristwarmers? Oh well. As you can see they extend from her forearm to the base of her fingers. Call them what you like. They are awesome.

We had a great turnout for last night's meeting. Four new people, if I remember correctly. That included our youngest member ever.

Imagine the kind of knitting I could be turning out now if I had started at nine years old.

In other knitting news, Jordan II's squirrel mittens are FANTASTIC.

Seeing her awesome colorwork made me really excited to start Selbu Modern. Madeline's pickle stitch marker helped too.

For the record, Alison was there last night looking fabulous (I wish I got a shot of her shoes) but not knitting.

John was also present and not knitting. I don't recall his shoes. I'm going to go with my gut and say they were black. Or gray.

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