Saturday, October 9, 2010

Madeline is trying to fatten me up

Last Tuesday we headed to the Nash residence to celebrate Alex's birthday. There were cookies! Delicious, gluten-free cookies. Although the raw dough tasted "beany" to some, the finished cookies were delectable. I got to take some home. They were gone within 48 hours.

Instead of shamelessly people watching during the meeting, we were
entertained by Tilda and Bella.

Would either of you ladies like a cookie?

I also provided a bit of entertainment by catching a moth. Madeline helped. A lot. I don't have the greatest insect catching skillz. Looks like I'm not going to be an entomologist.

Here's a shot of the impromptu gas chamber we created. Notice the copy of Charmed Knits on top. Madeline will be knitting her very lucky husband a Slytherin sweater.

Here are a few KIA shots (knitters in action, get it?)

Birthday boy and a very excited Madeline.

Diligent crafters and a curious Tilda.

I've made a great deal of progress on my AWESOME Tonks socks. I worked on them during a typical Friday night college gathering and discovered that inebriated people can't wrap their brains around self-patterning yarn. I also discovered that I can't pronounce "patterning" very well. My favorite was probably a girl who just kept saying, "You're really doing this!? This is really happening right now?!" Yes, Jill. This is the real world and I am, in fact, knitting. Time after time I had to explain that it was a lot less complicated than it looked. Try as I might, there are probably ten people in this town who now think I am some sort of knitting prodigy.

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