Friday, October 15, 2010


Look how we've grown!

This week, I taught three people to knit. Simultaneously! Here's some photographic evidence:

Don't they look jazzed?

I also showed Katherine how to bind off. She finished her first scarf! Right after she finished the yellow stockinette number, she surprised everyone (0r at least me) by pulling out a second scarf (a black garter stitch number). She's already stealth knitting like Alex!

Where did that come from?

It looks like she's my knitting progeny as well as a knitting prodigy!
(I've been hanging out with a lot of english majors...)

My friend Lauren came by this week (the girl I mentioned meeting during the cob house building) and brought some beautiful handspun yarn for us to ogle. Curiously she spins but does not knit. I think we can change that.

Alex's rodekool turned out fantastic. He explained the brioche stitch that enables the scarf to be reversible.

I can't wait to show you what Jordan II is working on (in involves mittens and squirells!) but until then I'll just share a pair of socks she's "breaking in" for her grandmother.

Speaking of socks, I finished one! After much trying, I've discovered it's difficult to take flattering foot pictures in a dorm room. Here are the best:

Right after I finished the first sock a wave of knitting fever hit me. Suddenly I wanted to knit every pattern I came across on ravelry. Needless to say, little actual knitting was accomplished when the fever took hold. After sleeping on it, I finally cast on for the second sock and decided I would knit Selbu Modern in some Gryffindor colored fingering weight I happen to have (assuming I'm able to obtain the proper needle sizes).

And after that there will be a hat for a lucky sister, some thrummed mittens, maybe a sweater...
Oh man! I've got so much to knit! That's enough blogging for now!

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