Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby, Do You Like My Sweater?*

Tuesday was the big sweater unveiling! Mr. and Mrs. Nash rocked a pair of fabulous sweaters knitted by the latter. Alex wore a cardigan that would make Elizabeth Zimmermann proud. I'll admit it made me swoon.

Squirrels! What else?

Yes, that's totally a Hogwarts house sweater. John's a Slytherin.

Lookin' good!

Nash bookends

Clara, our littlest knitter, has been making progress on her red scarf.

Anna, a new addition to SnB, has an aunt who moonlights as a knitting fairy. Harmony needles and Noro yarn for her first project? Classy.

We also had a crocheting panda stop by for a bit.

Emily (Shewhomustnotbepictured) finished her first hat! Next up: learning how to purl. Of course, she has to obtain some more yarn first. Since I successfully converted her to a wool lover, she may have difficulty finding anything in Kirksville (insert plug for combination yarn store/bike shop in Kirksville).

As for me, I've been chipping away at Selbu Modern. I'll admit the ribbing section made me want to punch a baby. But not a baby in a cardigan. No amount of anger could make me want to punch a baby wearing a cardigan. Anyway, the colorwork section has proven to be immense fun. I'm optimistic that it will be finished for Deathly Hallows, Pt 1 premiere.

*500 bonus points if you correctly identified the title as Relient K lyrics. They played this weekend in Kirksville. Of course Matt Theissen got married before I finally saw him in concert.


  1. Mental note: if I ever have a baby be certain that it is ALWAYS wearing a cardigan to avoid Kaylin punching. The judo chop is another story, poor kid's doomed!

  2. I could just see John judo chopping the baby while it takes its fist steps!