Monday, November 29, 2010

Why, hello End Of Semester. I didn't expect to see you so soon.

This week is shaping up to be "The Week From Hades." I've pretty much coasted through this semester without any considerable stress so I figure it's overdue. With a paper, two tests, and one insect collection due, it promises to be the kind of week where I have no time to knit but have to knit just so I don't kill anyone.

I took a rather extravagant trip to my local yarn store over break. Among my purchases were three skeins of Cascade Ecological wool which I hope to transform into Aidez. If I look half as hip as the girl modeling the sweater, I'll be content.
Yeah, it's going to be grey. So what if I knit things in grey or green most of the time?
I'm the one who will be wearing it!

During one of three (!) turkey-centric meals I enjoyed at home, I made my siblings model some handknits.
Their names are Jackie and Jon, in case you were wondering.

I realized when we were taking these pictures that Christmas is only a month away and I have yet to do ANY Christmas knitting. Ohhhh crap. I suppose Madeline was wise to start her Christmas gifts last spring. Looks like it will be hats for everyone. I can whip those out like nobody's business.

I did git a bit of knitting done over break. I had a lot of time on my hands, so you'll have to excuse the...artistic... nature of these pictures.

This hat was made for the new daughter of a former classmate. She was born prematurely in August and should be headed home soon.
See, sometimes childhood toys come in handy! And to think my mom wanted me to get rid of baby Kermit.

One thrummed mitten down, one to go.

Oh yeah, here's that Gryffindor hat I made. I realized over break that I never posted a picture of the finished hat. I totally wore it when my brother (Jon, see photo above) and I went to see HP7Pt1 over break. Did you notice how many sweaters Hermione packed for everyone!? Apparently those in the wizarding world hate doing laundry.

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