Tuesday, November 16, 2010

They're hungry for blood...and blog posts.

Here's a pie chart of how cool SnB was this week:
As you can see, it's the whole pie.*

Why was it so cool?
For starters, Alex brought in his amazing sweater vest.

I'm green with envy. (get it???? It's green! Bahaha)

Anna is flying through here mistake rib scarf.

I'm a big fan of the yarn combo Lilia is using for her drop stitch scarf.

Jordan II finished her amazing squirrel mittens. Madeline is jealous.

Kat's boyfriend Aric will be the lucky recipient of the "Hackysack Hoodie." I'm sure this won't end in a manifestation of the sweater curse...

Allison's recruit Cassie is working on a stockinette scarf in a chunky wool yarn. (GO WOOL!)

I'm also training my own knitting army. We will spread love through handknits and fight evil with burning balls of acrylic. Here are three of my new recruits.

While I'm certainly excited for Thanksgiving break (food, family, HARRY POTTER) I will miss my fellow Stitch 'n Bitchers while away. To cope, I'll just have to do copious amount of knitting. I think I'll survive.

*Mom, you're probably confused right now. Please click here.

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  1. I think the correct term is melting balls of burning acrylic, thankyouverymuch.

    Have you heard about Meatscapes?