Thursday, January 13, 2011


Twenty two is a fun number. Especially since it's the number of knitters and crocheters who attended last night's SnB meeting. Here are a few more fun numbers:
9: the number of those knitters I taught how to knit
6: the number of ECO members in attendance
5: the number of admitted Doctor Who fans present
17: the number present I think we could convert to Doctor Who fandom.

I'm sure we set some sort of Truman record last night. I doubt there's been a gathering of yarn enthusiasts that large on campus in some time.

We obtained a delightful spread of cheese, crackers, vegetables, etc. from a deity called Beth. It should be noted that cheese connoisseur Mr. John Nash found the smoked cheddar particularly delightful.

Now, I know I've said some things about crochet that have irked certain readers. Most of the time I'm joking. And when I'm not it's probably because I associate crochet with particularly awful acrylic yarn brands. I guess the real issue here is my yarn snobbery. Anyway, crocheting can be cool. If anyone can do crochet right, it's Jordan II. I didn't get a shot of the completed granny squares, but her color and yarn choices are spot on. I would be seen publicly with this blanket.

Two hats were completed during the meeting. Kat finished a very unique mohawk hat.

Teresa finished a hip hat for her niece. Best. Aunt. Ever. It's modeled below by Kelsey.

Since finishing my sweater, I've tried to move on to other knitting projects. I halfheartedly cast on for a new hat. Yawn. It's just hard to follow the excitement of sweater knitting! Even though I should probably finish a few projects (namely, the Give a Hoot mittens I promised a friend back in November) I can't help daydreaming about my next sweater. I think it will have to be Beatnik from the Deep Fall 2010 issue of Knitty. Go ahead. Click on the link. Do it. Explore the Knitty website while you're at it.

Well, I suppose I'll go work on my hat.
Chances are, I'll just sigh deeply until my roommate asks me what's wrong.
"I just wanna knit a sweater!" I'll yell.
I imagine she'll give me a sympathetic look before turning back to her computer.
Because she's a knitter now.
And she knows.

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