Monday, January 31, 2011

WARNING: This Post is Freakin' Adorable

My name is Kaylin, and obsessed with a knitting pattern.

Not just any knitting pattern. I'm obsessed with a superawesomebabyhat called Aviatrix. "Aviatrix" technically refers to a female aviator but this hat was made for a little boy. I doubt he'll care.

Sorry, no baby available to model it.

It's the kind of pattern that makes me wish everyone I knew had a baby so I could make them this hat. As the blog title suggests, it's freakin' adorable.

All the shaping is done with short rows. It's only the second project I've done with short rows (the first being Calorimetry) and I found them to be completely addictive. The combination of engaging knitting techniques and cuteness led to spontaneous giggling bouts last night. Seriously. Ask my roommate.

I knitted like a women possessed.

The knitting completely took over my evening, rendering my desk even messier than usual.

Look at all that knitting paraphernalia.

I think my to-do list is under there somewhere.

As if this project needed any more reasons to be awesome, I knit it entirely out of Ultra Alpaca scraps (I knew there was a reason I always buy the same few colors).

Sadly I'll have to wait until it makes its way to my friend Emily's nephew to see if it lives up to its cuteness potential. This hat might be the cutest thing I've ever knit. And that's really saying something when you consider this little number I knit for Emily's other nephew last winter.

I warned you this post was freakin' adorable.

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