Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's "Official"...

Well, we're Stitch 'n Bitch official. And it only took five minutes! I registered the group on I've been doubting the ability of the HUB to hold us if SnB gets any larger but thought, "what the heck?" So take a look at the brief entry and review the group if you wish. The Columbia group has 5 stars. I want 5 stars. I could probably just push the button myself, but that wouldn't be as validating.

Last night we had yet another HUGE group at SnB.

Despite attending the full three hours of SnB, I somehow I only managed to knit this much:

Pitiful. In my defense I was winding yarn/teaching someone how to purl/talking to new people/taking pictures/organizing my knitting bag. Plus I had just finished this hat before the meeting.

The pattern is "Wurm." Don't ask me to pronounce it.

As you might have noticed in this picture, I got a hair cut. It was getting unruly, I was ready for a change, short hair looks better with hats, etc. I never thought of my hair as an entity separate from myself, but judging by the reaction of friends, acquaintances, and strangers, my hair had quite an independent following. Perhaps I should have saved a few clippings to hand out as mementos. Too late. Those experiencing emotional difficulties as a result of my haircut should stop by University Counseling. I'm sure they have an adequate stockpile of Kleenexes. Moving on.

I'd like to take a moment to apologize to the crocheting community. I was mostly wrong. Yes there are horrible crocheted objects out there. But there are terrible knitted things too! In my mind crocheters are the redheads of the fiber community. There's nothing wrong with redheads (I was sired by one), they're just predisposed to be the butt of many a joke. So it is with crocheters. Last night I saw two projects that won me over. The first was more of Jordan II's granny square blanket.
In a word: awesome.

The second was a hat completed by Emily, a newcomer to SnB (we haven't numbered the Emilys yet. Perhaps we should. There are three total now). The pattern was designed by her friend, an obviously talented crocheter.

How fantastic are those balls!? (I tried to think of a more technical term but gave up)

I think Kat and Clara tie for most diligent worker at last night's meeting.

Kat spent the meeting practicing ribbon embroidery on a sash.

Clara said her scarf was coming along slowly. I hope today's school cancellation gave her plenty of time to knit.

Okay folks, it's FO* time!

Blue Baby Hat: Caitlin's first project "in the round."

Katherine's first shawl.

The next blog post should involve stats. If that doesn't get you excited I don't know what will.

*FO=finished object

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