Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I got chills. They're multiplying.

When I woke up this morning I could sense the change. My bed was particularly cozy. The room felt, dare I say, cool. Then I looked out the window. Hooray! Drizzly and dreary. Knitwear weather has arrived, my friends. I don't care if temperatures skyrocket this weekend and I'm forced to visit friends who have air conditioning. The official end of summer might be a few weeks off, but I'm declaring it knitwear season. I might even bust out a hand knit sweater this afternoon! After a summer in protective plastic bin storage, my sweaters will be singing, "Free, free at last!"

I'm sorry, dear reader, but the knitting secrecy of last week's post must continue. In fact, now I can barely show you what anyone at Stitch 'n Bitch is knitting. But there is an end in sight. Two weeks. Just two weeks and at least one reader *cough*Kaitie*cough* will be able to sleep easy again. 

To distract you, let's focus on how generally awesome Stitch 'n Bitch was last night. Even with some members missing due to illness, we still had a great turnout. Here's proof!

Just look at the diversity! Men, women, professors, a child! We're a regular melting pot. 
I was tempted to make that picture extra big to try and make up for the fact that this post is rather light on pictures. 

There was one finished project from last night that I can share. Chelsea finished a very, very cool looking hat. 
Superb color choice!
I'm off to do more clandestine knitting. If you knit, rejoice in the arrival of knitwear season. If you're reading this and I personally knit you something, go find the thing I knit you and wear it. You know who you are! Report back about how warm/cozy/loved it makes you feel. No excuses.

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