Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yarn Dash!

Madeline had a wonderful idea. A yarn dash to Columbia! Just the thing to get me out of the knitting rut I've found myself in the past few weeks. I cast on for three different projects but couldn't really get jazzed about any of them (secret knitting project aside). New yarn was just the thing I needed! 

So we made plans to get brunch with former SnB regular Sarah and hit the road at 8:30. There was also a chance that SnB founder Alex (please refer to History tab) might just drive from St. Louis to meet us in Columbia. Madeline decided to tell me this wonderful news while we were careening down the highway at 70mph. My enthusiasm is not well contained in the driver's seat and there was some concern that I might bite my own finger off. After an hour and a half of driving through a gray and dreary northeast Missouri, we arrived in Columbia. 

Before we headed to our favorite Columbia yarn store, Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe, we had brunch with Sarah at an establishment that wanted very badly for us to feel like we were in Paris. I've never seen such a high density of French memorabilia. 

During brunch we brainstormed at least three occasions for Sarah to make a Kirksville trip.

After brunch we spent a half hour getting lost in Columbia while trying to find the yarn shop. It's not like both of us had been there multiple times or anything...


 The best treat of the day was seeing Alex waiting inside for us! Reunited at last!

Alex modeling his new tote. 
I tried to take a picture that would do Hillcreek justice. Sadly every picture I took was only able to show a fraction of the splendor

~1/10 of Hillcreek splendor

The folks at Hillcreek are super helpful without being annoying (that is, they don't breath down your neck!). The store if very comfortable, with plenty of sitting areas if you'd like to take a break from shopping to work on a project. They also carry a great yarn selection. I always know they'll have my go-to yarn brands in a wide variety of colors. If you're looking for yarn in central Missouri, I suggest you check them out. But be careful. You'll want to snatch up every yarn you see. I kept turning down a basket because I was only going to allow myself to purchase the yarn I could carry in my arms. I have a yarn budget. It feels very adult.

Methodical yarn buying. Each skein purchased with a project in mind.

Four of the five skeins are for gifts (the fifth skein is being scanned in the picture above) but one is just for me. It's a sumptuous skein of Malabrigo. More about that wonderful little skein once I finished all my gift knitting!

Even great yarn stores like Hillcreek have their quirks. Then again, maybe striped overalls just aren't my thing.

To each their own

 After Hillcreek, our adventures took us to Hobby Lobby. To be perfectly honest, Hobby Lobby has sort of always freaked me out. It's just...strange at times. Take the creepy furry orbs that greeted us at the door.

What are you!?

We thought we might find some sock yarn deals, but really the knitting section just offered comedic relief.

"Rustica" Really? It's pink acrylic!

The fun wasn't restricted to the knitting aisle.

Snake/Dinosaur battle

Chipotle was the last stop on the Yarn Dash trip. In true Alex fashion, he surprised Madeline and I with some handknits. We each got to take home one of four handmade creations. He's too good to us! 

Brioche stich keyhole scarf, Option #1

Madeline inspecting Option #2
Option #3, a shawl with construction too intricate for me to explain in a caption

Option #4, a beautiful shawl in punchy colors. 

I bet you want to know which Madeline and I picked, right?

Madeline went with Option #3.
Overjoyed with my new shawl, Option #4.
Basically, the Yarn Dash ended up being better than I could have imagined. Yarn buying is always delightful, but seeing Sarah and Alex made the trip truly memorable. Plus I got another sweet Alex creation. I just reorganized my handknit drawer and realized that shawls Alex has knit me now outnumber ones of my own creation. Yowza. 

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