Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh happy day!

I've been doing a lot of knitting for other people recently.

 A hat for a cold head in Colorado.
Gift completed two weeks ago and still not mailed. Fail.

Another for a  friend who desperately needed a handknit pick-me-up. But at heart I am a selfish knitter. I can only go through so many projects for other people before I get a hankering to make something for myself. I suppose it makes sense. Who could better understand the hard work and care that went into crafting the item? With all this hat knitting I had started imaging the sort of thing I'd like to knit next. Something with a bit of slouch. Nothing too crazy with the stitch pattern. A color scheme that would go with nearly everything. Dreaming of my perfect hat kept me pleasantly entertained as I clicked through unacceptable patterns online.

Cut to a mountain biking trip last weekend. I was digging through my gear box for my gloves when I stumbled upon something that made me gasp. My dream hat! That's right, I had already knit it this summer. Then promptly forgot about it for two months. It turns out I have too many handknits to keep track of. I had completely forgotten I had made this little beauty out of the yarn leftover from the Hedgehog Hat.  I must admit I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to have forgotten about a hat I really adore. But mostly I'm just thrilled to have it back on my head. I'm sorry slouchy, stripy hat. I'm sorry I forgot about the love we shared in my freezing cabin up in the mountains. Let's never be apart again.

Reunited and it feels so good. 
I think I'll be able to knit at least two more gift projects before the selfish urges come back.

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