Thursday, October 20, 2011

Of Bicycles and Stuffed Equines.

Four days later, I've finally come to terms with reality. Midterm break is over. In my future: two tests next week. Tests that will require loads of studying. Harumph. Break was so good, though, that I'm hoping to ride its good vibes until Thanksgiving rolls around. We'll see how that goes.

Surprisingly, I didn't knit a single stitch during my four day weekend. This might surprise readers who recall that I knitted an entire sweater during midterm break of last semester. There was no time for sitting and knitting, folks, because it was:

Boeckmans On Bicycles Weekend
Part III: All I Needed Was This Bike!

(The tagline is a rather obscure reference from Grey Gardens. I suggest watching it, if only so you can reread this post and giggle as if you were privy to a Boeckman inside joke)

Although no knitting was accomplished, a lot of knitwear modeling went on. This is pretty much a guarantee when my sister gets ahold of some of my work that wasn't made especially for her. There's always a lot of, "Ohhh, I loooove this one! Could you pleeeeeease make one for me?" Her flattery usually results in a handknit. I am weak. 

Knitwear modeling. Totally fab. 

Now, the weekend was titled Boeckmans on Bicycles so I should at least give you a bike shot! Here's the crazy contraption Jackie and Gina rented. 


In the past few days back in Kirksville, the weather has really taken a nosedive. I'm only able to type this with comfortably warm hands because Madeline and John were kind enough to lend me their space heater until my housemates and I turn on the heat. We are frugal college students. It could be awhile. So basically, I've been hiding out in my room. It's cozy. There's Netflix. Basically I've just been watching whatever looks moderately interesting and knitting like a fool. My latest project is a pair of manly wrist warmers made out of scraps (for a pair of cold Coloradan hands). I'm fairly certain they'll fit, but gift knitting can be such a gamble! 

When yarn supplies run low, bring on the stripes!

The actual Stitch 'n Bitch meeting this week went by in a blur of yarn and youtube videos, but I did manage to snap this shot of Megan's latest project. It's a pony for her cousin who loves horses. Or a horse for her cousin who loves ponies. One of those. Anyway, it's one fine looking equine. 

Cuddle worthy, no doubt about it.  

If I keep up with this knitting pace, I'll have a large selection of winter accessories to share with you next week. You know, if those two tests don't cramp my style. 

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